Sunday, January 21, 2018
Batch Renames Files

How To Batch Rename Files in Windows Computer

Want to rename mass files on windows? But struggling with finding a method or a way to do it? Then you've come to right place. On a serious note, there'll be...

10 Best Karaoke Software For Windows

There's no doubt in saying that Karaoke is a great option for some entertainment. Earlier in 90s people used to buy karaoke machines to have joy and fun, but now you...

How To Reset Windows 10 Password if Forgotten

We all must have forgotten our passwords before. You take your computer and when you type the last thing you remember and hit the enter key, you realize you forgot your...

How to Make Sure Windows Always Runs at the Optimum Level

Let’s be honest, we probably all have computers at home. They are now a necessary part of our lives. So it’s important to ensure that they are always working at the...

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