Decided to move from Android world to IOS world? That’s really awesome. A warm welcome to the world of beauty and feasibility, world’s best OS which runs the premiums devices, i.e., iPhones, IPads, and iPods. There’s nothing much you need to learn in IOS; it’s very simple and easy. However, there are some tips and tricks for First Time iPhone Users which will help you in getting the most out of your device. So let’s start our Top 10 best useful tips and tricks’ list.

10 Useful Tips For First Time iPhone Users

1. Quick Swipe: Whenever you receive any message, emails, you’d get a notification on the lock screen.  Usually, people will swipe right/left to unlock the phone and to read the message/emails. You can access messages/emails directly from the notification itself without unlocking your phone. Just slide the icon to open it.

First Time iPhone Users
Tips for First Time iPhone Users

2.Gestures: Gestures comes very handy whenever you want to access any app or setting. In iphone, swiping down from the top will open notification center. Same way, you can also open the control center by swiping upwards from down.

3.3D Touch: if you want to open any short cuts or any particular app, you don’t have to tap here and there to do it. Just apply some pressure on the screen to access it. This tip is very much useful for First Time iPhone Users.

4. Quick Music control: You can control your music system from the lock screen itself. Just tap twice on the home screen, the music will pop up on the lock screen.

5. Battery Saving Tips: iPhone prompts the user to enable “low power mode” when the battery is below 20%. But you can manually enable by going to the settings; it’ll definitely help you to make your iPhone last a little longer.

Useful Tips For First Time iPhone Users

6.Create folders in no time: On iPhone, one can create new folders within a second. It’s really simple, just drag one to another app to instantly create a folder, your device will dump those two apps in the created folder.

7. Lock Patriot Mode: Auto rotating feature might know you at certain times especially when you’re lying on the bed. You can lock the Patriot mode, just by tapping twice on the home screen, then swipe to the right, there’s you will find a button which you need to hit. That’s all.

8. AirDrop: If you want to share any files or links with one iphone to another iphone, AirDop comes very handy. Just enable the AirDrop feature from the control center, and start sharing documents, videos. Audios and links.

9. Backup: To be on safer side, you can backup all the data of your iphone in the cloud or on any PC. Just open, settings, scroll down to find “iCloud”, tap on it and enable the iCould backup feature.

10.  Force Reboot/Restart: Many people think that iphone doesn’t hang or even lag, but actually it does at certain times. You can hold the home button+ power button to force your iphone to restart.


All the tips which I have shared in this article are verified and could be very useful for First Time iPhone Users. So, it’s time to put an end to this article, feel free to comment if you have any doubts.

Hi, This is Itender Rawat and I am Editor-in-Chief of I am 26 year tech lover, bike rider and thinker from Dehradun who writes about Technology, Mobiles, Android, Softwares and Internet


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