Everyone is aware of using the most popular VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service, Skype on computer for voice or video calling whether Skype to Skype and Skype to landline.

make international calls

Skype app can also be used on your iPhone/iPad for making international voice calls to Skype account or to a Landline too on cheap rates! Moreover, in past few days, Skype has updated to its latest version to make it possible to make Video calls from Skype on an iPhone/iPad.
This post will tell you about how can you make an international voice or video call from anywhere in the world using your own iPhone or iPad.

But before using this service, you ought to have the downloaded Skype app on your iPhone and you must have a Skype account connected to your Mobile number. Furthermore, you also have to get some Skype Credit as much as you want. You can also use monthly subscription of Skype.

How to make a voice call to Landline/mobile number from iPhone/iPad using Skype:

You can call your contact opting below said methods on your iPhone using the same Skype App.

Using The Dial Pad:

  • “Sign in” to your Skype Account on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Tap or Click on “Call Phones”
  • Enter the Number (along with the proper area code) and tap on the green colored “Call” button and that’s it!

Calling on a Landline or Mobile Number:

  • “Sign in” to your Skype Account on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Tap on “People”.
  • Out of list shown, tap on any contact that you want to call to view his/her Profile.
  • Tap on “Voice Call” and choose the number that you want to call and that’s it!

It may be noted here, that this function can be put in use, if the number you want to call has been linked by that person to his/her Skype Account. If you don’t get the number that you want to call using this method, then try above said method “Using the Dial Pad”.

You can call the contact using this method with zero deduction from your Skype Credits if the contact is online on Skype. However, Data Charges of Operator may apply as per applicable charges.

Calling to a contact from your iPhone/iPad Phonebook:

  •  “Sign in” to your Skype Account on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Tap on “People” after that tap on “iPhone Contacts/iPad Contacts”.
  • Choose the contact you want to call from appeared contact list, and select by tapping on the number that you want to make call to.
  • The selected number will appear on the dial pad. Click on the Green colored “Call” button and that’s it!

How to Make a Video Call from iPhone/iPad using Skype:

Skype has just updated its iOS app to the latest version 4.1.0, which will enable the 720 pixels HD video calling using iPhone or iPad. If you want to Video call using iPhone or iPad, make sure the following things,
1)You are using the latest version of Skype app
2)you have a Camera on your Device
3)And Most importantly, the contacts that you want to make Video Call to must be using the under stated Skype versions:

  •      For Mac OS X, Skype 2.8 or up
  •      For Windows Desktop, Skype 4.3 or up
  •      For iPhone, Skype 3.0 or up

Furthermore, It would be much easier o call your friends if before calling, you search through your contacts on Skype and add them in your contact list.

How to Start Video Calling:

  • Log in” to your Skype Account.
  • Tap “People” to see the contacts that have video camera and they can use Skype Video chat with proper versions.
  • Select the Contact and tap on “Video Call” and that’s it!

Few Features for Using Video Calling:

  • If you are on a Voice Call, you can anytime convert it into Video Call by tapping the “Camera Icon”
  • You can switch between the front and rear camera by tapping on Camera icon.
  • You can also mute or un-mute the speaker by clicking on “microphone” button.
  • Try other Options of Speakers, Bluetooth headset and settings icons by tapping on according button.

With above said use of making international calls using Skype, iPhone and other users should keep it in mind that, One cannot make emergency calls using Skype as it is just an assistance, not an alternate to your telephone.

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