It is common practice to separate your hobby from your career. Most people view their hobbies as something as far removed from work as possible. This ensures that there is a clear distinction between work and relaxation. However, wouldn’t it be great if you could spend more than just a couple of hours a week enjoying the activity you love?

Well, maybe that’s possible. Why not consider letting your hobby shape your future career path? Wouldn’t it be amazing to earn your living by doing something you truly find exciting? Below are five ways to turn your hobby into your career.


If you love all things beauty, why not share your love with the rest of the world? Although this is a very competitive market to break into, there are many pros to becoming a successful beauty blogger. You can earn money from advertisers, and if you set up your own PO Box, you can be sent all of the latest beauty products from your favourite brands.


If you are a budding photographer, consider turning to Instagram to share your work. You can leave your details at the top of your page so that interested clients can get in contact. Even if you don’t know all that much about photography, all you really need is a decent camera and an Instagram account. You can encourage visitors to your page to leave comments and constructive criticism. This will help you to learn and will bring people back to see your gradual improvement.


Twitter is a great place to exercise your funny bone. Why not set up a Twitter account that is dedicated to your weird and wonderful sense of humor? The internet is a big place, so you will surely find plenty of people who are tickled by your jokes. If telling short jokes isn’t really your brand of comedy, you could always try setting up a spoof Twitter account for a made-up character or a cultural icon.


If you love gaming, setting up a Twitch account should definitely sound like an appealing option. Can you imagine being paid to simply play your games?. No one will ever have the right to tell you to put away your headset again! Using an online twitch banner maker, you can establish yourself as a professional gamer. This will draw people to your account, as they will clearly see that you have put in more effort than your competitors and will, therefore, assume you have superior content.


If you love to cook, why not begin a recipe blog or a YouTube channel? In fact, why stop there? Set up accounts on Twitter and Instagram while you’re at it! Find a specific area of the culinary world that you want to specialize in or highlight a specific quality that you possess. This will ensure that people remember you and are more likely to return to your pages. Invite them into your life and don’t hold back when it comes to conveying your passion.

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