The internet has changed the way we interact with media forever. As a result, creative entrepreneurs have been afforded ample opportunities in the online arena. Many new businesses have gained huge success in a short amount of time through their web ventures. There’s nothing to stop you following suit.

Starting a digital media company has to be one of the most attractive business operations for millennial creatives. Not only does it offer the chance to do something that you are passionate about, but it’s also a relatively cheap idea to get started. After all, you haven’t even got to sell anything.

That’s not to suggest that running a successful digital news site doesn’t require. But as long as you follow a winning blueprint, you could become the next big website of 2016. Here’s everything you need to know.



Build A Decent Home Office

In the long-term, you may want to have offices to accommodate your enterprise. However, one of the great things about launching an online venture is that it gives you the option of working from home. This can be a hugely beneficial solution, especially as it will help keep costs down. Those savings can be invested to make the business even better.

Working from home does serve up a number of challenges, though. Productivity will be very limited if you don’t build yourself a winning office. This is the hub of your operation, and a better environment will inevitably boost your results.

Besides, it’s a key element for establishing a boundary between work and leisure. Training yourself to actively enter work mode is the hardest challenge for a new home-based entrepreneur to master. The home office, combined with a work routine, will ensure that this doesn’t become an issue.

If you’re worried about the perception that working from home will elicit, there are ways around it. A virtual office space will give you a more prestigious address and a far greater brand image.

Choosing A Topic

Having ambition in business is great, but it’s also important to be realistic. You aren’t ever going to challenge the worldwide news corporations. Therefore, it’s important to select a topic or topics that you can cover with a passion.

This is one of the most important decisions that you’ll ever make as it sets the foundations for your entire website. Writing about something you love will shine through in your posts. As you develop a writing style, this should be a killer influence. You can find out more about discovering your inner writer at

You could cover a popular topic like sport or music. Alternatively, you could pick a more niche subject. Either way, getting this aspect right is the first step en route to a long and successful career. So choose wisely.

Know Your Reader

You might not be looking to sell anything, but your business still relies on the ability to gain customers. In your case, the readers are the clients. Therefore, your main aim at all times should be to build a website that will generate a large following. Before jumping straight in at the deep end, it’s imperative that you gain a comprehensive understanding of their needs.

Different audiences react to different ideas. Use the internet to research the competition that’s already out there and make notes about what works and what doesn’t. Similarly, thinking about your target age group and gender will impact the way you think about future decisions. There will always be a sense of trial and error involved throughout the process, but this data will make it a far smoother transition.

The reader is the most important person in your business. Keep their interests at heart, and you cannot go far wrong.

Build A Winning Team

If you’re looking to build a blog, then it’s possible to keep readers updated with two or three posts a week. However, if you want to be a news site, then the stream of content needs to be far more regular. Combined with the other elements of running a company, it’s far too much for one pair of hands to handle.

Therefore, it’s imperative that you assemble a great team of employees. If you have taken the option of working from home, that will probably mean hiring some freelancers. In truth, this can be a very rewarding solution. Not only will you know exactly what you’re paying for, but you’ll also cut down on the need for buying extra equipment.

As well as additional writers, you may want to hire a graphic designer to get your platform looking fresh and exciting. After all, the website is essentially your shop window and it needs to look appealing. Otherwise, visitors will turn away before they’ve even given it a try.

From the business perspective, you may also want to find a lawyer to ensure that everything is handled in the correct manner. Likewise, an accountant could be useful too. After all, the financial aspects are the key barometer of how well the company is performing.


Communication is a key part of any business, but it takes on an even greater role when you are dealing with remote workers. Meanwhile, the fact your entire venture hands on the ability to communicate with the reader is another reason to make this a major priority.

Firstly, you need to ensure that the infrastructure behind the scenes encourages strong communication. Moreover, you need to be confident that things will work as expected. Regular downtime won’t only impact workflow, but it can also discourage visitors from coming back. Cloud computing is the perfect solution for those specific. Find out how these systems can be used to your advantage by visiting

Furthermore, you should look to embrace video call software and other communication facilities. The importance of ensuring that the whole team is on the same wavelength cannot be emphasised enough.

Embrace Different Media Types

One of the main benefits of using digital media over print publication is that it provides far greater flexibility. There are many ways to make your posts more exciting. Embracing different media types can make a telling impact on the overall reception from the reader.

Visiting your website should be a leisurely activity. Incorporating videos into your broadcasting methods can make information easier to digest. Besides, this is often a far more effective way of expressing the personality of your brand. If those videos are watched by a lot of people, you can also make money from advertising on those media types.

Another top trick for gaining a better response is to make posts more interactive. Place polls and other media tools that encourage reader participation, and they’ll soon feel like they play a more active role. In turn, this will encourage them to gain far more from the experience.

Spread The Word

Your digital news website is dedicated to keeping the reader happy. However, this step can only be accomplished if you have regular visitors in the first place. As with any other business, marketing is unquestionably one of the most crucial aspects to master.

As an online company, it makes sense to focus on internet marketing. Social media platforms offer a fantastic way to interact directly with audiences. You can also link various accounts so that posts are automatically shared over those various platforms. In turn, this should see you reach a far larger audience.You should also be keen to embrace the power of your users. Add share buttons to your posts so that they can spread the word to their friends with the click of a button.

There are various other resources for suitable advertising. Pay Per Click advertising allows you to keep a budget and monitor results. Meanwhile, you can use link building or post your stories on other related websites. Read more about this option at

Finally, you should try to embrace the fact that people will use search engines to find content that they’re interested in. Utilise the power of Google and you should see increased traffic.

Make Money

Building a great website with steady traffic is one thing, but your main goal is to actively earn money. There are various ways to do this, and you should make sure that you’ve selected the best methods.

One of the easiest ways to make money is by placing adverts on your page via Google Ads. However, you could also sign up for affiliate schemes at Amazon and other retailers. Every time a reader clicks those adverts, you’ll be making a commission.

You can take more creative measures such as writing advertorial content. For example, a fashion news website could easily write a piece about the latest trends and suggest buying a certain item. Whatever option you take, though, increased traffic will bring improved revenue. Therefore, it’s imperative that you make your website more accessible by making it optimised for mobile devices too.

Earning money isn’t only key for your personal finances. Those funds can be reinvested to evolve the business over time too. As it grows in popularity, the revenue will continue to rise too.

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