Monday, November 20, 2017

5 PC Tricks to Reduce Energy Costs While Computing

Your laptop, smart phone, PC and tablet are all constantly using varying amounts of electrical energy while you’re busy using them. How much they use depends on what kind of applications...

5 Best Cheap Laptops Under $500

So let’s say you only have a couple of months left to think about your brother’s high school graduation gift, and you estimate that you’ll only be able to save up...

How to Create an FTP Server on Your Computer

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and can be used to transfer files between client and server. There are certain advantages of using FTP like we can transfer bulk data across...

How To Solve Common Laptop Problems

There are few things more frustrating than experiencing a technical glitch with your gadgets. If you’re mid-way through an important project, the last thing you need is for your laptop to...

Download And Install Whats App On PC

Whats app is a great instant chat messenger for mobile phones. It provides great features like real time messaging,group chat and sharing of multimedia files between your whats app contact list. But the...

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