To run a successful business, you have to be better than your competition. Your rivals are the people that will push you every inch of the way, and they will try their hardest to take your customers and your money. Beating them, then, is essential, which is why you need to consider your marketing effort.

Marketing is the difference between success and failure as it hands the initiative to your opponents, or gives you the upper hand. Everyone seems to think that businesses must use the most advanced and modern marketing methods available. But, that is not true. In reality, the retro methods still work to this very day.


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Lead Buying

Lead buying is taking on a different angle in 2015 thanks to email blasts. Still, conventional lead buying is alive and kicking, and is one of the most effective ways of drumming up business. In basic terms, you purchase pre-qualified leads from companies who do the majority of the legwork. For your part, you don’t have to do much other than part with your cash. But, the result is that you have leads that you know are interested in your products and services. As soon as you pick up the phone, you have a far better chance of making inroads than if you were cold calling.

TV, Radio, And Newspapers

Almost every home in the world has a television set, so the reach of a TV advert is as wide as a tweet or a Facebook post. The only problem with TV advertising is the fact that it is expensive, which means you might not be able to afford the cost. Don’t worry, though, because radio and newspaper advertising is cheaper than TV advertising. Out of the two, news papers are probably the best option, especially if you are a small business trying to break into the local industry.

Promotional Gifts

Never underestimate the effects of a freebie! Okay, it might not be one-hundred percent free, yet they work all the same. Promotional gifts are an extra incentive for your customers to make a purchase as they get the gift afterward. Even consumers who thoroughly analyze their purchases will sway towards making an impulse buy. And, more customers are likely to choose you over companies who offer the same service or product, as long as the prices are not too different.

Sign Spinning

Have you ever seen people in the middle of the street with a sign under their arm? You have? That’s exactly the point! The majority of passers-by cannot help but notice these sign spinners, and that means that they take notice of the advertising. No one knows how effective they are, but as they are incredibly cheap, it is well worth the effort. Just a handful of conversions a day would class as a success.


A leaflet is incredibly subtle. At first sight, it just looks like a piece of paper with writing. But, for you, it is a way to target a very specific audience. Most companies know what their customers want and where they live, which means they can send tailored advertisements. The more relatable the marketing, the more effective.

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