Many of you will understand the frustrations that come with owning a PC, especially if it is no longer performing like it used to when you first took it out of the box. The super quick boot up times that you knew before and the almost instant loading applications of times gone by, have now been replaced by a PC that is huffing and puffing just to be able to provide a fraction of what it once did. This is simply because over time a PC will get clogged up to the point where performance begins to suffer.

Fortunately there are a number of tune-up utility products out there that can dramatically improve the performance of your PC and not only bring it back to its former glory but potentially have it running better than ever. One of the best I’ve found is without doubt the System Mechanic by lolo.

What Can System Mechanic Do?

System Mechanic will use its vast set of tools to perform tasks such as defragging hard drives, making repairs to the system registry, and making slight changes to the CPU and RAM that your PC is using. In fact, it comprises of around 36 different tools in its PC care solution. All of the tools bundled up will either be for the clean up, management, diagnosis, or performance of your PC. Users can either opt to use these tools separately when required or to just run a system scan that will pick up all errors and provide you with the tools and solution to clear them up.

System Mechanic Coupons and Costs

Obviously, the more computers you have the more value this brings but the power of this toolkit is still worth a look just for the one PC. This software would have normally cost me $49,95 but after using a system mechanic 20% off coupon I found online, it cost me only $39.95. The Pro version which comes with extra features – like data recovery when it’s been deleted – costs $69.95. Search for more iolo coupons at and you’ll get up to 50% discount depending on the number of licences.


Its difficult to know where to start with regards to the features that System Mechanic provides but we have done our best to bring you our thoughts on those that are among the best. 

Most people will show an interest in these sorts of PC Cleanup, performance enhancing tools because they want to improve the performance of their systems and Mechanic really stands out in this regard. The software is always running in the background and when it discovers and issue of any kind you will be shown a ‘Repair Now’ icon that will take you to the appropriate tool required to fix the issue at hand.

Among the clean-up tools on System Mechanic is CRUDD Remover or “commonly redundant or unnecessary decelerators and destabilizers” (a bit of a mouthful, so CRUDD Remover definitely sticks from now on). This feature gets rid of all the unwanted additional programs that come packaged with others that you have downloaded and installed. This ran before then doing a defrag on your drives works wonders on its own to free up some much needed space.

Another tool is actually recommended over the defragger which is called Program Accelerator. It is labelled as being somewhat of a ‘smart’ disk defragmenter compared to standard defrag tools which can sometimes spread related files further away than they already were on a disk drive.

You then have LiveBoost that works by unlocking a bit more power in your CPU and RAM via making changes to many windows settings while for the analysis and repair of your system in real-time you have ActiveCare. Others worth a quick mention are AcceleWrite, IntelliStatus, and Stability Guard which all help to keep your system maintained.

Powersense is another feature that will ensure that your PC is running at its best depending on it is required to run. While you are browsing social media it will turn down all power settings and processors as they are not needed. However, as soon as you power up a resource intensive game it will automatically switch your computer into Ultra Performance Gaming Mode to ensure that you get the best performance possible.

Security and Privacy

One of the biggest selling points of System Mechanic is that it has a bunch of privacy tools that have been designed with keeping the very intrusive Windows 10 at bay. The latest operating system from Microsoft collects personal data via services such as WifiSense, SmartScreen, and many more that have literally been buried so far into the system that it is difficult to know how to manually turn them off ourselves. The Privacy Suite handles all this for you and makes sure that your systems is not only secure but also as private as it can be as well.


Comprehensive range of tools.

Suitable for beginners or the more advanced user.

License covers all PCs in one household.

Provides useful explanations for problems found.


A bit pricey compared to its competitors.

Is a bit of a RAM hog.

The license runs for a year only.

The Netbooster feature shows only marginal improvements.


System Mechanic from lolo might cost a bit more than many of its competitors on the market but the amount of tools and features alone go a long way to justifying this. The performance increases once the suite has done its job are also highly noticeable which certainly backs up the claims of many that this is the most powerful all-round PC care utility software on the market today. All in all, System Mechanic is the one stop PC utility and cleaning software that our PC’s deserve and once installed there is very little else required.

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