It tough enough to be the boss in a small business, but it’s even harder if your business is online and your employees work remotely. If you want your business to be successful, you need to make sure everyone is pulling their weight and not slacking off because there isn’t anyone looking over their shoulder. Here are few suggestions to help you increase productivity in your online business.

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Make all your communications digital

Believe it or not, email is not the only way to effectively communicate with your team. In fact, it can take a long time between making sure you’ve included all the necessary details, waiting for a reply, and your correspondent making sure they have also included everything they need to say. Furthermore, using the messaging functions on social media sites can potentially distract your from work. Instead, use a company social networking tool such as Slack. It’s faster than email, but doesn’t have all the distractions of actual social media sites.

Digitize your productions

Gone are the days when employees would have to post contracts or other paperwork if they worked remotely. Everything can now be done with technology, so you should take advantage of this amazing tool by digitizing your business operations. Encourage your employees to send you their invoices by email, get in touch with you through social media apps, and demonstrate how you’ll monitor their work on an internal company system.

Establish a clear hierarchy

Depending on how many employees you have working remotely, you might not have time to deal with all their inquiries. An easy solution would be to tell more senior employees to deal with requests, but it could soon become chaos if they give conflicting advice to the same new employee. You need to have a clear system in place so everyone knows who they need to talk to about problems with their job. Find out more about organizational charts here.

Set clear deadlines

Efficiency is more easily achieved if everyone know which tasks they need to accomplish by the end of the working day. Let your employees decide when they take their breaks, and it won’t matter to you as long as the work is completed by a certain time. This system will also alert you to any people who regularly miss deadlines and allow you to determine what action should be taken.

Listen to your employees

If your employees are continuously having issues with the company’s internal system, or their email invoices are not being paid on time, listen to their concerns. Consider it an opportunity to streamline your business process for your employees and make your company more efficient. Additionally, your employees will also become more productive if they are not dealing with technical issues on top of their workload.

Acknowledge good work

Even if you’ve never met your employees face to face, you are still becoming more familiar with their work. Let them know that they’re doing a good job, and they will continue to produce good work.

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