How to win at Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games. It has the reputation of being the best opportunity to win, or at least break even. It is also one of the few games that allows you to increase your chances of winning if you approach it more as a game of mathematical probability than simply a game of chance and hunches.

Keep in mind that nobody can ever honestly guarantee that any strategy will see you winning every hand. After all, if there wasn’t some element of chance involved in blackjack you wouldn’t be playing it in a casino. There are ways of increasing those winning chances, however. Read on to discover some of these.

Learn Basic Strategy

There are basic rules that tell you when to split your bet, hold or take a hit. Before you even step into a casino, take the time to learn these rules. These are based on mathematical probability and knowing them from the onset will give you the advantage over those who guess. It becomes easier to remember these rules automatically over time.

Count the Decks in Use

This may seem minor, but the fewer the number of decks in use, the greater your chances of being able to make an educated guess at what cards are still in play. It only makes sense that the more decks there are, the more combinations there are that can surface. Look for tables with only two or three decks in play.

Choose by Table Rules

Learn to tell when the odds are more in your favour, or at least less in the favour of the house. Also, look for tables that allow you to surrender your hand when it is necessary. This is not always allowed.

Use a Betting Strategy

Decide in advance how you are going to bet. For example, start out with lower bets and only increase them when the chances of winning are greatest. Keep the increments of your bets consistent, as this will give you a much better chance of realising a profit. Consistency, even in the face of losing, is better than not knowing what your next move should be.

Remember the “Nevers”

Besides the basic strategy of never splitting fives or tens and never standing on anything from ten through seventeen if the dealer is showing a seven or more, there are a few other things you should never do. Never play while drinking, it clouds your judgment and makes you more likely to take unwise risks. Never make foolish bets believing you are on a winning streak, you aren’t. Finally, never play without taking breaks to stretch your legs and rest your mind. It will allow you to return with a clearer mind.

Remember the “Always”

Just as there are things you should never do, there are things that you should always do. Always remember your limit and quit when it is reached. Always keep in mind that it is simply a game and Play Blackjack should not have you getting angry or anxious. If that happens, stop for the day. Always observe all the cards in play, yours, other players, and the dealers. Learn to calculate the chances of the next card being what you need or putting you over and bet accordingly. Impulsive bets have no place on the blackjack table.

Observe the Dealers

Look for a dealer that seems slow, tired or distracted. This is a dealer that doesn’t really want to be where they are now and won’t be as likely to play at top form. A dealer that is enthusiastic and interacting constantly with the players may seem to be more fu, but this is a dealer who has mastered the art of distraction and this makes losing track of what you are doing more likely.

Final Thoughts

Playing blackjack is a game that generations have enjoyed. Taking time to learn the basic strategies goes a long way. When you also learn how to study the cards and calculate chances, your chance of winning increases further. Finally, making sure you are not distracted, tired or drinking alcohol all help keep your mind clear and able to make the best choices. 


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