We all must have forgotten our passwords before. You take your computer and when you type the last thing you remember and hit the enter key, you realize you forgot your password. You try to combine all combination of letters and numbers that you think fit, but you find nothing works. What do you do now? You sit there wondering where to start from. Don’t stress the reset windows 10 password process is what is you need.

The process you use to reset windows 10 password is very simple and it resembles windows 8 process, although it has a few slight tweaks. If you forgot windows 10 password this is how you can recover both your Microsoft live 10 login as well as any other user credentials of the local machine. We are going to look at Microsoft live accounts reset tools in this article and iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Pro, which are two tools that you can use to reset windows 10 password.

Method 1: Microsoft Live Accounts

When you forget your windows 10 password you can use the password reset tool for Microsoft live accounts. This is the first and the most standard password reset function that you should think about when you don’t remember the password for your windows 10. There are only three choices that you can opt to follow and in particular your case will prompt you to follow, “I forgot my password” selection if you are trying to recover your account if tied to any online identity. The other two options are “I know my password, but can’t sing in” and “I think someone else is using my Microsoft account”. The first one is the ideal for the purpose of windows 10 password recovery.


Once you pass this steps you will greeted with the usual password recovery queries as most companies will try to verify if, “you are who you say you are”. If you had attached an external email account or cellphone during registration of your account, you will receive a code that you will use to open your account without much hassle and reset you windows 10 password after you get the code.

Method 2: Use iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Pro to Reset Your Windows 10 Password

If you forgot windows 10 admin password, don’t worry. Another easy and very fast way to recover all types of windows password is by using the iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Pro tool. It is an all in one tool for all windows password recovery, it helps you to recover forgotten windows user passwords/windows password, domain administrator, user passwords for all version of windows operating systems but is especially available for windows 10 and windows 8 Microsoft account password reset. The following are some of the benefits more of insights about iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Pro.


  • Helps you to create a new administrator account with ease without having to logon
  • Fast access to the windows operating system within a few minutes
  • It is available in four editions that is standard, professional, advanced and raid


Finally, it is important to note that using this tool will enable you to recover passwords for all user accounts, recover windows local administrator passwords, domain administrator and user passwords, create new administrator account instantly, reset and remove windows safely and easily as well as reset windows 8/10 Microsoft account password.

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