Storing your Cell Phone Battery at or near freezing temperature or simply putting it in a Freezer can greatly Increase its charge holding capacity. Cell Phone Batteries lose their Charge holding capacity in hotter temperatures, that they face while continuous charging (that’s another reason why it’s not recommended to use up battery to their last level) or continuous usage or due to climatic conditions. Moreover, alkaline batteries decay at the rate of 2% per year, even at the room temperature.

Increase Cell Phone Battery
So here is a simple trick you can try to Increase or at least maintain cell phone Battery, Just follow these Simple Steps to Increase Cell Phone Battery in Cold.

1) Switch off your Mobile Properly! (By Pressing ‘End Call’ button or ‘Power Button’ for few seconds)

2) Gently remove the battery from the Cell Phone.

3) Seal the Battery in a sealable air tight plastic bag (you don’t want to get it condensate, its always have to be airtight) and put it in freezer.

4) Let the battery be in freezer for about 24 hours.

5) Now, Carefully take out the battery from the freezer, remove the sealed plastic bag.

6) Let it dry for 4-8 hours (not in direct sunlight).

7)  Once the Battery comes back to its normal temperature, you can place it back in your Cell Phone and Use it normally.

According to the website Green Batteries, the Alkaline batteries self-discharge at the rate of 2% per annum when kept at room temperature. But if those batteries are kept at about 30 degree C or 85 degree F, they rate increases upto about 5%, and at 38 degree C or 100 degree F or even more, they start losing their capacity by “25%” per year!

So if you are living in a hot climate, storing your cell phone battery in freezer once in a while could be worth effort.

Moreover, to maintain proper capacity of your battery, few others points should also be kept in mind. One, don’t Over-Charge your Battery. Two, don’t use it upto its last level (so that you have to charge it for a long period of time). Using these steps you can easily Increase Cell Phone Battery in Cold  🙂


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