Nowadays every website or blog needs good SEO to rank higher in the search results. To do good SEO, one must know how to get backlinks from high-quality websites. Now it’s difficult to get quality backlinks from top websites and sometimes they are highly charged.

Then what we can do to get quality backlinks?

Getting the free high quality backlinks are simple and easy as well as help in boosting the SEO of a website. So, here we are with some of the best ways to how to get free high quality backlinks from top websites.

1. Share your website on those websites which give rank to other websites

It is a must to share your website on those websites which give rank to other websites because they rank on certain criteria. Some of these websites are like,, and much more. You can do a simple Google search to find websites similar to these and submit your website there. After this, your website will get indexed very quickly.

How to get Free High quality backlinks

2. Use Reddit to get backlinks

Reddit is one of the biggest social Q&A websites, but social marketers know how this website can be used for benefits other than getting traffic. You can start a topic based on any web page on Reddit. And then, you will get to know how to make or convert your blog post into a discussion which will actually get you the backlink along with the traffic. Getting visitors from Reddit is quite easy.

3. Get Quality Backlinks from Blog Directories

There are a lot of blog directories and all those are having very good ranking so getting links from them can always benefit you. But this technique is more of web 2.0. In this method, you can start a free blog on these directories and then you can make a backlink to your website by uploading a post. Now you should also make sure that this free blog post is also indexed and once that is done, your main blog will get free high quality backlinks without any cost.

4. Submit videos on Dailymotion

YouTube no longer provide do follow backlinks in the description of the videos and thus, it is better to submit the videos on Dailymotion. Obviously, you will get more traffic from YouTube, but Dailymotion will give your free do follow backlinks from the description of the videos. You just not need to do anything extra rather just upload the same video on both the platforms. One will give you the traffic and the other one will get quality backlinks.

How to get Free High quality backlinks

5. Get backlinks from popular Forums

There are many popular forum websites like Quora, Yahoo Answers and Reddit from where you can easily get the free high quality backlinks. You just need to answer the questions which are related to the post for which you want the backlinks. This way you can add the link to your answer pointing to your post and you get good backlinks.

To get your website in the high search results and boost its SEO, it is must get the backlinks. So, we have listed the best ways to get quality backlinks.

What actually you do to get the backlinks for your website?

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