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Have you ever had the annoying experience of having to make an important phone call while you’re on vacation only to find out that there’s not enough signal to make a clear conversation possible?
Or how about when you’re at the basement of your office building, or at the mall, just looking for a place to park and your phone rings, you know it could be urgent instructions from your boss, only for you to realize that you can’t understand a thing that your boss is telling you? How about when you’re at the hospital and you need to tell your clients that you can’t make it to an important meeting?

Repeat that signal for me please.

More and more mobile phone users are experiencing issues with their cell phone signals due to saturation of their signal transmitter’s coverage, being in remote, low-signal areas, parking areas, basements of commercial buildings, underground railway stations, tunnel roads, etc.

What you’ll need to avoid inconveniences caused by low signal coverage is a device to help make sure that your communication gadget does exactly as it’s been made to do for you. This device that can help you is a cellphone repeater. There’s one especially made for buildings, another for homes, and even cars.

The repeater boosts your phone’s signal, thus enhancing your capability to make clear, audible, productive phone calls from even the most difficult-to-reach locations. With this device, no longer will you have to stress over missed, dropped, or poor-audio phone calls. Never will you be “unreachable” to any client or business prospect or update.

 I’m at the gym, but go ahead and talk to me.

How about the dilemma of having to make a phone call in areas where use of mobile phones is not necessarily allowed? Have you ever needed to make important calls while multitasking, like while you’re at your workstation in the office or in line at the copying/printing machine?

Do you like the idea of receiving real-time updates on your business while doing cardio on your treadmill or while pumping weights at the gym? Do you find the idea of receiving instructions while on-the-go like fixing breakfast, getting ready to go to the office, or while at a work-related conference convenient for you?

Another device that can help you increase your multitasking, on-the-go communication reach ability is the invisible earpiece. This device, on the other hand, allows you to put up a hidden wireless connection with any mobile phone that has Blue tooth capability, allowing you to communicate with anyone on the receiving end like you would in a normal mobile phone conversation.

What makes this device more special than an ordinary mobile phone is that the signal it uses to communicate with is invisible to others – making your connection undetectable. The device uses Blue tooth transmission to establish a connection with a remote mobile phone. The earpiece has a built-in microphone that can detect even hushed whispers, and the signal is very clear, allowing for barely audible conversations to be made possible. It can also allow you to conduct emergency business meetings from remote or sensitive areas in different locations, making for a better, more consistent communication overall.

The invisible earpiece set usually consists of the following:

  • Invisible earpiece: The GSM earpiece is made extra small and in three different types to be more undetectable even when inspected at a close distance. It is completely wireless and can be comfortably hidden inside the ear.
  •  Batteries: Their work time goes for about six to eight hours depending on the type of earpiece you choose.
  •  Bluetooth transmitter: The Bluetooth transmitter comes in the form of either a watch, glasses or a cable and can work for as long as four to six hours.

    Effective communication is one of the most important factors when it comes to making sure that your business, professional and even personal relationships are maintained successfully. No wonder various mediums for communication technology have been developed. With the proliferation of such technologies, adding these devices to your lineup can, indeed, give you a distinct advantage.

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