For any business that owns a fleet of vehicles, a GPS tracking system is a perfect gadget to make things run more smoothly. The technology allows you to save money, increase efficiency and accumulate precious time.

To enable you to ensure that your vehicles are being utilised well, you need actionable data to support your ideas and claims. GPS tracking systems can provide this and implement you seeing a return on investments as your fleet becomes more efficient and productive.

Here are some of the benefits a GPS tracking system could provide to your business.

Fleet management control

GPS tracking makes it feel as though you are actually in the vehicle with the driver. It reports on all vehicle activity, stops, routes and gives alerts on undesirable driving activity.

You can get reports on a regular basis that include vehicle arrival times, how long the vehicle stayed at a location and the exact time the vehicle left. Any vehicle idling time is reported as well as periods of inactive use. You can see complete mileage from vehicle start to vehicle stop.

Reduce dangerous driving

No fleet business owner wants their drivers speeding, driving unsafely or receiving potential liability against the business due to their driving. Unsafe driving can be detrimental to a business. GPS fleet tracking systems encourages safer driving and monitors compliance by tracking speed, mileage, the cell phone uses and stop times.

You can monitor vehicles for details like hard braking and sharp turns from anywhere. Being aware that they are being observed deters drivers from driving unsafely and you can outline any undesirable behaviour with them.

Guidance for the driver

GPS tracking devices come with maps included for your driver including continuous updates that give drivers knowledge to reach their destinations. Landmarks, traffic and busy roads are located on the device to help the driver easily navigate the best route to take. Voice commands are available to give turn-by-turn prompts so that your driver can keep his eyes on the road.

These elements reduce the potential of your drivers getting lost, having to stop and search for an address, needing to make backtracks or turn around and helps them to find their way around one-ways and ring roads.

These all contribute to reducing the number of stops a driver has to make, therefore making his journey more efficient and saving you on fuel.

Delivery notifications

Real-time delivery notifications are available on GPS tracking systems. This gives you huge advantages by tracking each delivery and knowing the exact location at all times. It allows you to investigate any discrepancies and prove anything that flags up.

You can also give customers direct progress of their delivery by giving timely accurate information. These all contribute to a higher quality of customer service, quicker delivery times and more control and updates about progressions of orders.

Fuel saving

A reduction in fuel expenses would be turned away by no fleet business owner. With ever rising fuel prices, a GPS tracking system can save you money through vehicle technology improving maintenance. Well-maintained vehicles produce a much better fuel mileage and allow you to only carry out services or repairs when you know they are necessary.

Improved environmental impact

GPS tracking system helps your business to go green, a great unique selling point. Driving more efficiently, fleet utilisation and making fewer stops a day all help make your business more environmentally friendly.

Reduced cost and reduced carbon dioxide emissions put your business in a much better position and it could be a way to attract clients or customers. Companies report a 13 percent increase in stops after putting fleet management software in place. This also results in a shorter workday for your drivers, allowing additional time for other tasks or even a decrease in payroll expenses.

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