Need a book for a short duration to submit an Assignment or going for a Seminar, It would not be efficient to buy a book and saving money. Moreover, in this modern world, even books are available in digitalized form, called Electronic books or E-books. These books cost minimal charges and serves a variety of books which otherwise, may not have read.

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To get Maximum of your “empty spaces” (short spans of time left unused between completing day-to-day chores) on your Smartphones or notepads. Even you can study on rent for whole semester or only for exam days preparation on rent !


In this Segment, I would Suggest some of the best websites from where you can Get E-books on Rent and save some money 😀


1) Kindle On

A wide number of online shoppers visit daily.  Out of 1 Million ebooks, some of them can be downloaded for free ! As per your convenience, and your need to pay, choose the duration of lending book from 30-365 days. This Site does not strictly follow kindle devices, these books can be read on your pc or smartphones. You can further purchase books if you like it ! click here to go to this one of the best used site which is Amazon Kindle.

2)  Book bub get discount for E-books on Rent

Book Bub provided the best deal on renting best-selling books,high quality content  published by high level publishers on a great discount; sometimes up to 90 % ! Out of listed book categories, you have to choose your type of books so that you would be notified by mail for only those books that you want . but be quick, because the deals available only lasts for short duration ! click here to check this site.

3) Chegg

You can enjoy the services of chegg on any device with an Internet connection.This site supports PC,mac and notebooks  supporting browsers Internet Explorer 9, Firefox safari,Firefox and chrome.It provides you 24X7 access to your e-books, highlighted key points and notes.

You can also see highlighted and key points of the book if the book is used by other student. While reading, if you get suck on a word or you have a query about a topic, you can online ask for instant answers by experts. Really this one is great site to get e-books on rent and save your money. click here to go to this site.

4) Barnes and Noble

You won’t need 24X7 internet connection to read books from this site. Just download  FREE NOOK study application on your mac(snow  leopard 10.6,lion 10.7) or PC(XP,Vista , windows 7).  Save up to 60% by renting books by simply first searching on it. The eTextbooks look exactly like printed versions including charts and drawing but you can face some problems on reading the books on small screen devices. click here to go to this site.


You can save up to 90% of your money by buying, selling, renting Digital books from here. This is on e of the most reliable sites. You do not have to hunt for the best deals available for a book all over the internet. If has one, that would be most likely the best !

Site works on very simple format, there is no need for a reader to go through different platforms and apps. click here to check this simple yet effective site ! you should give it a try and try their e-books on rent and also save your money.

Conclusion for Getting e-books on rent :

In spite of having so advantages , eBooks can only be rented for a period of 14 days as per publishers restriction laws and unfortunately only 3 out of 10 publishers’ books are available as e-book stores.
I Hope provided information results best for you but act smartly before renting a book, check it for free ;), that’s my advice.
If you ever tried, Share your thoughts about to get E-books on rent 🙂 Happy Reading !!

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