Windows in general and Windows 10, in particular, face a lot of issues generally categorized as BSOD or Blue Screen Of Death syndrome. One of the BSOD issues you may face on your Windows 10 powered machine could be the unmountable boot volume error. How to fix unmountable boot volume on Windows 10? That is the topic we will be covering in today’s post.

How to Fix unmountable boot volume on Windows 10

The Unmountable boot volume error may come us as a result of a variety of reasons. It is indeed one of the serious errors that may affect your system and leave it unable to boot.

Fix Unmountable Boot Volume
Fix Unmountable Boot Volume

Some of the reasons that cause this error include a corrupted system file, damaged RAM or even a damaged hard drive. The error is basically related to your hard drive. In addition, if any of the hardware that has a bearing on booting of our device has corrupted or developed an issue, you may face this BSOD error. Virus attack or removal of the boot.ini can also result in your PC is affected. In fact, it can even affect your PC during a normal operation like updating your OS or installing a software on your system. There is no need to panic except in cases of a severe hard drive damage.

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Most of the people affected with the unmountable boot volume error consider the factory reset as the only option left to resolve the issue. Given the fact that a factory reset involves the loss of your valuable data, unmountable boot volume is treated as one of the most dreaded errors you may come across.

Here are the fixes you can use to rectify the error message you may be facing.

Method 1 -Fix Master Boot Record

  • Boot up your Windows 10 PC using a Windows 10 DVD or a USB. If you do not have one, you may need to create it.
  • Once the device starts, pick the option that says Repair Your Computer.
  • Now, choose Command Prompt from the options.
  • Type in bootrec /fixboot and press ENTER.

Restart your PC and wait till it checks all your drivers. Please note that it may take a while to complete the complete checking up and apply the fix.

Method 2 – Use CHKDSK Command

If your hard drive has issues, it may manifest itself through this error. Follow the steps here below.

  • Boot your device using a USB media or Windows DVD.
  • On startup, locate the option for Repair Your Computer and choose it.
  • Now, choose Command Prompt option.
  • At the command prompt, type in chkdsk /r c: where is C is the system drive. If your system has a different drive letter, you need to replace it accordingly.
  • Confirm your choice by pressing Y.

Restart your system. The CHKDSK command will check the drive for errors and fix them. Do note that this takes a while and you may need to be patient.

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Method 3 – Go For Automatic Repair Option

This method will attempt to resolve the unmountable boot volume issue without your intervention once you set it up. Here are the steps involved in fixing unmountable boot volume error using automatic repair.

Fix Unmountable Boot Volume
How to Fix Unmountable Boot Volume
  • Once again, boot your affected computer by means of a USB drive or a Windows 10 DVD.
  • Once the computer boots up, choose the option, Repair Your Computer.
  • Now, choose
  • Follow the path Advanced Options ->Automatic Repair.
  • Click on
  • Choose the OS you would wish to repair if you have multiple operating systems installed.

That should do it. The repair utility will check the computer and fix the issue.

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Please note that all the methods above will need a USB drive or Windows DVD to fix the issue. If you do not have a Windows DVD or a bootable drive, you may need to create one using the media creation tool.

What If All These Methods fail?

Well, there is not much left if all the fixes we have featured here have failed for you. It will be a clear indication that the hard drive on your system is damaged beyond repair. You may attempt to fix the issue by means of Factory Reset. Please note that the Factory Reset will remove all your personal files and any applications you may have installed on your system.

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If everything fails, you may have a bad hard drive which will need replacement. Check if you can recover the data if possible. There are some able data recovery tools that can retrieve data from even a damaged drive on your device.

Conclusion on Fix Unmountable Boot Volume on Windows 10

Unmountable Boot Volume is a most dreaded BSOD error that can strike anyone anytime. Do not panic when you face the issue on your PC. Try the fixes featured in the above paragraphs and check if it resolves your issue.

However, for the extreme cases, where the drive needs to be replaced – make sure you have been constantly backing up your important data and files on a competent and reliable cloud service or at least, on another computer. Hope you found this tutorial to Fix Unmountable Boot Volume on Windows 10 useful so share this and comment your views on this.

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