Apple has been a huge name in the world of smartphones. It has kept up with constant improvements over the years. The recent launch of iPhone 6 and 6S has been one of the major launches in the recent times. The iPhone 6S comes with magical excellence and great appeal. We present 25 best Cool iPhone 6S wallpapers for your iPhone 6S. We are sure that the wallpapers cited herein will make your iPhone work wonders with your mood. Please note that the wallpapers included in this listing should work with all iPhone variants.

1. Cute Blue Wallpaper
The wallpaper is developed by G.Lulu who is well known for a host of great designer wallpapers. You can get the Cool Blur Monster wallpaper on the official link.

Cool iPhone 6S wallpapers

2. Just Married iPhone 6 Wallpaper
The wallpaper is available on this link. The impressive wallpaper is labelled as Beautiful walls. The cool wallpaper is created by Payasiita.
Cool iPhone wallpapers

3. Default wallpapers
The beautiful wallpapers have been grouped under iOS 8 GM Wallpapers. The wallpapers have been developed by JasonZigrino. The wallpapers are available for download on the official site.

iPhone 6S wallpapers

4. Mint Lion

If you are someone who loves plants and herbs, this collection can definitely be your prime choice. The wapllpaper is a part of the collection aptly labelled Deciduous animals. The wallpapers have been developed by Sergey Kovalenko. You can lay your hands on the wallpaper on the official link.

iPhone 6S wallpaper

5. I Miss You…

The wallpaper can be downloaded from Deviant Art website. The wallpaper has been developed by Samuinou. The collection of <i>I Miss You…</i> wallpapers on the site provides you an impressive means of communicating your feelings. iPhone wallpapers

6. Polygonal Textures

Are you someone who is profoundly into geometry and allied fields? Nothing can be better for you than Polygonal Textures. Polygonal Textures is one of the most popular wallpapers for iPhone 6S. The wallpapers have been developed by DigitalConnection. The set consists of ten polygonal structures. You can download them from this link.

7. Fairy Tale

The wallpapers look astonishingly great on your iPhone 6S. The wallpaper is created by t1na. The look on the collection is really awesome and beautiful. The world of fairy tales is brought straight down on your screen with the excellent collection of wallpapers. You can download the wallpapers from the official link.

8. Retina Wallpapers

You can get this wallpaper from this link. The set of wallpapers have been created by pddeluxe. The set of wallpapers have been labelled as Retina HD Wallpaper Pack No. 1 – iPhone 6 / 6S. You can also opt for Pack No. 2 and Pack No. 3 as well. The wallpapers are best suited for the HD performance on your iPhone Retina display.

9. Butterfly wallpaper
The wallpaper is a part of the stock set. You can download the wallpaper from the official website.

10. 3D Wallpapers

The wonderful screen and vibrant display are best suited for the 3D wallpapers. They will definiltely look great on your prized possession. You can choose to download the wallpaper from this link.

11. Colorful Lion

The Lion on your iPhone screen just comes live with this wallpaper. You can download the wallpaper from the link here.

12. New
Created by Davidmonteiro, this wallpaper can be downloaded from the the official link. The wallpaper looks quite cool and serene at the same time.

13.Sunset Cloud

The wallpaper is hosted on Deviant Art. It is created by solefield, who is one of the top rated wallpaper creator. You can download the wallpaper from this link.

14. Space Background

This is yet another natural looking wallpaper created by WallforAll. You can recreate space on your irresistible screen. Get more details from Deviant Art site.

Cool iPhone wallpapers

15. Retina Ready wallpaper

The wallpaper is created by pddeluxe. The wallpaper forms part of the Retina Ready HD wallpaper pack No. 2. You can get more information on this link.

16. Mountain Valley

The wallpapers are available on the official site at this link for download. The pine canopy on the wallpaper looks quite realistic.

17. Night View wallpaper
The wallpaper appears quite awesome on your device. The blacks look darker and whites awesome. You can downolad the wallpapers from iPhone6papers website.

18. Mountain Lake Sunset

The wallpapers can be downloaded from the official website from this link. The wallpaper is also available for iPhone 7.

Cool iPhone 6S wallpapers

19. Stuffy cat
You can download this wallpaper from this link. The wallpaper can be best suited for the animal lover in you.

20. Sky Views

The wallpaper can be downloaded from the link here. The site also has HD wallpapers on offer.

21. Beautiful Glow

The retina display on your iPhone 6 should compliment this wallpaper. Get more insight from this link. The site has an impressive collection that can simply mesmerise you.

22. Winter Snow
The wallpaper is hosted on Tumbler and is hosted by The site consists of some really impressive iPhone wallpapers. You may download the wallpaper from this link.

23. Thanksgiving wallpaper is one of the preminent website that offers a good range of iphone 6 wallpapers. The wallpaper is available for downlaod at this link.

24.Falling Leaves

The wallpapers in this genre belong to artistic traits. You can find a huge collection of such wallpapers on the official Poolga site. The site contains wallpapaer collections for all iPhone variants.

25. X-Ray vision wallpaper
If you are fond of technology in general, and electronics in particular – X-Ray wallpapaers can be your best choice. You can downlaod them on the official site of iFixIt.

In Conclusion

That would conclude our listing of top 25 Cool wallpapers for iPhone 6 and 6S. The list of Cool iPhone 6S wallpapers and such items can always be endless as it offers you the widest choice. We have listed some of the representative sort of wallpapers in this compilation. We would consider ourselves to have been of some use for your needs if a few of the options featured in this list appeal to your requirements. If you have any collection of wallpapers that you would wish to see included in the list above, we would welcome your suggestions. Please note that most of the wallpapers listed here in this compilation should work with almost all iPhone models.


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