How To Convert Class File To Java File

We had already discussed some programming tricks on

tricksmode about converting flowcharts into programs and top 10 free c/c++ compilers. This time we are posting something for java programmers that is about how to covert class file to java files. Class file contains byte code and byte code compiled on one platform can be then executed in JVM(Java Virtual Machine) of another platform. This makes
java to achieve platform in-dependency. Beside this class file also helps programmers to share their programs without sharing the actual source code.

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How To Convert Class File To Java File ?

We can’t convert class file to Java file directly but there are some free tools available on which can easily convert class file to java file, JD-GUI is one of the leading tool by which you can easily convert.

What Is JD-GUI Java Class File Decompiler ?
JD-GUI is a small,standalone graphical utility that convert class file to java file. JD-GUI now freely available for windows, Linux and mac OS and you can download this free compiler from following download link.

How To Convert Class File To Java File Using JD-GUI Java Decompiler ?

Its very easy to convert class file to java file using JD-GUI Java Decompiler. Just install this on your system and browse the .Class file which you want to convert. Converted Java File will be shown in Right window. You

can also save your converted class file by save source in file menu.

How Java Decompiler Works ?

Many of us thinks that Java Decompiler actually convert a class file to java file but its not true. Decompiler executes the programs,then analyze that program and finally generates a source code for that program. If you closely look the overall process of decompilasion then you will find that variables names and some actual source code is changed after decompilasion but the working of the both is not effected, This clearly shows that Java Decompiler works on a concept on Analyzing,Guessing and Code Generation.

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