Are you bored by seeing default folder colors in your Windows? Now its time to get some colorful folders for your Files and Folders 🙂 which looks better and easier to navigate. Its free of cost and easy to install. Just follow the simple steps below and get awesome!! colors for your Folders.
This program supports Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Windows 8 too 🙂 So what you waiting for? Lets have some colorful stuff on your system. The software is fully secure and dont have any malware or any risk on installing it. Feel free to use on your desktop and laptop, even I am using it on my system. Cheers!!

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Follow the below steps to change Windows folder color :

Simply download the software using this official download page

After downloading the program, just install it on your Windows computer

folder colorisor

After installation, Select and right click on folder which you want to colorize (see screenshot below). In the options select Colorize section and you will see several colors there. Simply hit the color which you want to add on the selected folder. Hit refresh and enjoy your favorite folder color 🙂

change foler color


Change Folder Color in Windows

Hope you liked this simple but useful tutorial to change Windows folder color. This will work on all versions of XP, Vista and Windows 7/8. The software is free to use and risk free 🙂 I am using green and blue color for most of my important folders.

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It helps me to navigate easier when I need to find my required folder in the bunch of folders. This made my work easy and quick. Hope this will work same for you people 🙂 Stay tuned for more quick Computer tips and tricks. Please share or comment your opinions below 🙂

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