Social Media is the best place for online marketing. If you want to be visible among your competitors and gain a few new customers – Social media is the best option for you. But, social media has been into a huge makeover and you need to be careful with what you do with etiquettes you follow on the Social media. There are a few mishaps that can go wrong and have serious consequences with respect to your brand image and customer goodwill.

Social media is moving at a faster pace. What was correct a few years ago is no longer valid. You need to keep in touch with what is correct as things stand today. There is a huge difference between what works and what does not. Knowing it for better is what you would need to ascertain.

Do Not Play With Hashtags

Hashtags are important. Bt overdoing them can be detrimental to the image of your brand. Only use relevant hashtags, avoid being spammy. Using too many hashtags may backfire on you as it may show you as being desperate. Using a Hashtag in a post that is not relevant to what people are searching for that hashtag may work against you.

Never Publish the Same Message across All Social Platforms

Each of the platforms has its own individual audience base. Posting the same content across all platforms may not go down well for your brand image. If you have the same followers on more than one platforms, will it not look strange for them to find the same messages across all platforms?

Do Not Ignore Your Audience

If you want your customers to stay with you and be loyal to your brand, the best you need to do is interact with them. Using the tool just for the promotional activity of your brand may not do anything good for your image. Social media should indeed be a two-way communication. The customers today want themselves to be heard and avoiding them would be the biggest mistake you could be committing.

Lack of A Good Social Media Strategy

If you do not have a proper social media marketing strategy and have just been posting around, it may definitely go against what you have been planning for your campaign. A strategy will be something you would need so that you can set goals and other objectives and attempt achieving them. How are you going to work with your social media campaign and how you evaluate are the two factors you need to make part of your strategy.

Giving Too Much Importance to Negative feedback

Though may appear quite insignificant, it may not be needed to take negative feedback too seriously. See it as an opportunity for improvement. Yes, it may spoil your reputation, but that is something you should learn to use for your own benefit. In fact, instead of posting an apology or some kind of a lame excuse, you can begin a communication – rather a one to one communication so that you can track down the exact reasons for the comment. You can use the negative feedback to ascertain the shortcomings in your product or service.

The Bottom Line

A proper social media policy can help in addressing several such mistakes you may commit while building your brand or image on the social media. The points featured above would indicate just the tip of an iceberg which, if not addressed properly, can derail your social marketing campaign quite dearly. Make it a point to have well placed and clearly understood social media strategy so that you can have an idea of what to do and what not to do while promoting your brnad, product or services on social media.

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