Reddit is one of the popular sites to look for the newer happenings in the world of technology and Internet. It does come up with everything you want to know about the world around you. Be it technology, politics, inventions, or anything else under the sun: Reddit is a place where your queries are answered. However, of late the site has been losing the response it used to command in the past. People have their own set of reasons for leaving the site. However, it leaves a void and we set out searching for an alternative. That is why we are here to introduce to you top picks for the Reddit alternatives.

Top Reddit Alternatives for your Needs

1. Quora

That is definitely the prime choice when you look out for a Reddit alternative. Quora is more like a question and answer site. It covers everything under the sun.

Reddit alternatives
Quora Reddit alternative

Quora lets you ask questions on any topic that interests you. You can answer the questions that have already been asked, if you have the expertise in the concerned field. You can choose to answer as many questions as you would want to. Your expertise level on the site will go on increasing based on your performance. It is in fact the best Reddit alternatives you can bank upon.

2. Voat

You will never fall out of place with Voat if you have been a regular on Reddit. The interface is completely identical.

Reddit alternatives
Reddit alternatives

The site has been much popular for over one year now. Voat is equivalent in all respects to Reddit, so much so that you can consider them to be identical twins. The site is a little easy on its users. Unlike Reddit which bans the hate based writeups, Voat is more lenient. It allows you post anything on the site as long as it does not become illegal.

3. 4chan

The site has several boards based on different topics and genres. It is actually the best Reddit alternative. You do not need to even register on the site to contribute.

Alternatives to Reddit
Alternatives to Reddit

4chan comes with different boards like Video Games, Music, Technology,and Movies among others. It works more like an imageboard wherein you can go on adding images and comments on your chosen topic or genre. Anyone can share their views and images.

If you are someone who loves adult content, you can share your content and images in the special adult section. The best part with the site is you can post any content anonymously.

4. ProductHunt

ProductHunt is the best Reddit alternative you can think of. The platform looks for the new products in the market.

Alternatives of Reddit
Product Hunt

The products covered by the site include a wider range including but not limited to website designs, mobile apps and games. The site is more concentrated in the technology genre. You are free to create your own list or post your entries in the already posted lists. You can comment on the lists/products posted by others.

It is the place to showcase something innovative you have created yourself, or found elsewhere. If you find a new product, you can share your knowledge on ProductHunt.

List of Best Alternatives to Reddit

5. StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is the best place to discover new things, be it technology, or anything else over the internet. In fact, StumbleUpon is the best place to discover and spread word about something new. As the name itself indicates, you can share anyhting that you stumble upon.

You can share different content like news stories, or discussions for other stumble upon users. You can like or dislike the content from other sites as well. The service can be used to like or dislike the page, save the page you liked, or share it with anyone you want to.

6. NewsVine

If you want gathering news, then one of the best Reddit alternatives you can opt for is NewsVine. The platform works in a crowdsourced model. That would mean the news stories are compiled and submitted by the users worldwide. The site also has syndication of news from authorised sites.

The best part with the site is it is not dependent on any particular genre. You can get news stories from any genre. NewsVine is the best place if you are someone who looks for news and news related stuff.

7. Hacker News

Here is another news related platform that can be a perfect for the news buffs. But, the platform would suit those who have an interest in technology related news.
If you are someone who is connected with technology, you would better be connected to Hacker News on a regular basis.

Initially developed as a tool for the hackers and the likeminded community, it has now diversified into a different genre. The platform lets you Upvote and Downvote options for rating the content shared by other users. You can also comment on the posts submitted by other users.

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8. Slashdot

Yet another news platform, and yet again best suited for technology buffs. The platform allows you get consolidated news related to technology from thousands of sites.
There are several technological developments that take place all through the day. Looking for the news and finding the one that you are interested in may not be an easy task.

Slashdot is an option for Reddit alternatives that serves the purpose. It is the best Reddit alternative if you are a tech news buff. You can visit the site for all your needs in the technology news. You will be able to get the news that interests you from thousands of sites.

9. 9Gag

It is one of the funny options and somewhat qualifies to be the Reddit alternative. The site consists of memes and images. It was initially a place for fun, but recently it has changed to be a somehat different site than what it began to be.

Reddit Alternatives
Reddit Alternatives

The site has now begun letting you posting the topics that are worthy of discussions. The platform now has everything for everyone. The site has recently added a couple of new sections so that they can cater to people with different niche. If you want to stay away from being serious and have a little fun, 9Gag is perfect for you.

10. Digg

It is one of the wellknown platforms and qualifies to be a perfect Reddit alternative. The site consists of everything that the technology world is talking about. Digg has all that the internet is discussing – be it news, gadgets, articles, videos – you name it and Digg has it.

It is almost similar to Reddit. However, the uncluttered interface is what sets it apart. It can definitely be your major source of information of whatever is happening around the globe. Digg should in fact be the best Reddit alternative.

Final words

Well, that conludes our top picks for the best Reddit alternatives websites. We have included the top rated alternatives. Our basis while compiling this list has been the same kind of experience you would expect on Reddit. Do share your views on the Reddit alternatives featured in our top picks. We would also like you state your experiences with any other alternatives you may have.


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