5 Best Antivirus for Iphone 2017

There’s no doubt in saying that IOS is the most secure and safe operating system, But you shouldn’t be neglecting the safety of your data stored on your iPhone, security should be your number one priority. There are few iphone antivirus apps which can secure your device from viruses/Trojans which I’m going to share in this article. The Best thing about these apps is that you don’t need to pay anything, all these are best antivirus for iphone are completely free to download and use.

Top Best AntiVirus for Iphone 2017

best antivirus for iphone
Antivirus for iPhone

1. Avast SecureMe: Avast is a major player in the security field, it is used by millions of people all over the world. The app will consistently monitor your online activity to avoid any malicious threats; you can also scan your device manually through the app to eliminate the presence of any trojans or virus codes. Avast SecureMe also alerts the user whenever their private information is being leaked online.
best antivirus
iPhone antivirus app

2. Mcafee Mobile Security: Mcafee is a well brand in the arena of mobile security. If you’re someone who doesn’t like to compromise with privacy then should check out this app. The app will avoid anyone from snooping your personal data; it works both in online as well as in offline mode making your device’s data super secure. It acts as a shield which protects your device from malicious attacks/threats and can be considered as best antivirus for iphone in this list.
norton iphone antivirus
best antivirus for iphone

3. Norton Mobile Security: Norton is another game changer in the pitch of security, your can easily track your device if you misplace or lose it with the help of Norton Mobile Security. You will have full control over your device’s security and safety, The app will track the location of the device before shutting down, and will inform the owner about the same. I think this is a must have feature in every mobile security app, unfortunately only Norton made it possible.
antivirus for iphone
avira antivirus for iphone

4. Avira Mobile Security: Avira created a beautiful community where you can post your queries regarding the security or even ask for some tips from specialists, Avira Mobile Security app is an excellent app to track your device’s behavior, by seeing the reports you can conclude whether your device is hit by any virus or not. It will also eliminate the threats with just one tap; it features latest virus codes which will protect you from any type of virus.
best antivirus for iphone
best antivirus for iphone

5. 360 Security: 360 Security has gained a lot of popularity in the Android market because of its uniqueness and interface. 360 Security has made its way to iPhone now; it comes with a built-in photo scanner which will scan your gallery daily to make sure that there are no threats in the media files. It will remove the unnecessary files/folders automatically to clean up the device’s memory. It’s a perfect app for security and for boosting your device’s performance.
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There are loads of reasons to have the best antivirus for iPhone installed on your device; you can try the apps mentioned above to decide which app meets your security requirements, As I mentioned earlier, these apps are absolutely free. These apps will protect your device from hackers/third party virus etc. If you have questions or doudts, feel free to comment them below.