Despite the fact that there are numerous ways to earn from the websites, AdSense remains the most popular one among the bloggers leaving behind affiliate marketing, etc. it is actually because AdSense holds the sustainable earnings through websites than any other way. Google AdSense has a few characteristics which help in keeping the advertisement network on the top of the list to be the best choice for professionals. Though I am here today with the best AdSense Plugins for WordPress but let’s take a brief look at few facts that why bloggers prefer AdSense over other ways to earn money. The largest web giant is the Google and AdSense is its offering. If you have a decent traffic on your website, then Google AdSense is the finest way to earn.

Best 5 AdSense Plugins for WordPress Blogs

Coming back to the best 5 AdSense Plugins for WordPress, it has become quite easy to manage the AdSense account as well as the advertisements with an easy availability of the AdSense Plugins. In this post, I have come up with the best WordPress plugins which will definitely going to help you all while integrating the AdSense Ads to your website. Moreover, you can even easily manage to publish the ads in various type, size, position, etc.

AdSense Plugins for WordPress

Google AdSense

Best 5 AdSense Plugins for WordPress Blogs

It is an official plugin by Google which was previously known as Google Publisher. It helps in managing the AdSense account as well as the webmaster tools. After installing this plugin, you need to configure and sync your registered Google account in order to link webmaster tools and AdSense with your website. The best part about this plugin is that it itself suggests the places to you for inserting ads and just after choosing the place, ads will be made visible within few seconds. Furthermore, it even helps in previewing the ads so that they work absolutely fine.

Quick AdSense

Best 5 AdSense Plugins for WordPress Blogs

It is one of the most downloaded AdSense plugins because it is the easiest one to understand. You just need to copy and paste the code of ad and place them anywhere on your website.

Ad Injection

Best 5 AdSense Plugins for WordPress Blogs

As its name suggests, this AdSense plugin helps in injecting any type of codes within the ads whether it be Amazon affiliate or Clickbank or AdSense. It does feature various options including a control over the number of Ads.

Ad Rotate

Best 5 AdSense Plugins for WordPress Blogs

It is one of the simplest AdSense plugins which is similar to a WordPress dashboard and makes the bloggers feel comfortable while working on the same. It helps in easily managing the group of ads, stats, click-through ration and much more.

Ad Inserter

Best 5 AdSense Plugins for WordPress Blogs

It is another effective AdSense Plugin which helps in managing AdSense in a WordPress website. this plugin is perfect for Amazon and AdSense ads as it allows you to insert any kind of PHP or HTML or JS-code based ads. It does features some preset display options as well.

So, these are the best 5 AdSense Plugins for WordPress Blogs and I hope that these plugins will be helpful to you all.

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