The computer is truly a life changer letting you perform various functions with it. From graphic design to financial accounting, it has undoubtedly made work easier personally and on a corporate level.  However, it is quite a task preventing your computer from hackers. At some point, malware finds its way to your PC.  Each day, new cases of malware are reported globally. Some are completely harmless while others are a scare with compromising your passwords and security codes.

Even with the strongest antivirus, people have found themselves dealing with unwanted malware. So how do you know that your computer has been hacked? Let’s look at some of the signs you can tell when this happens.

  1. Annoying Popups

Sometimes, when you want to open a particular website, all you get are very annoying popups. If you previously were not getting any popups and all of a sudden you get them, then your PC may have been hacked.  We all know how annoying popups can be especially when you desperately need to access an individual site, or you are simply doing some research.

In such a case, what you could do to contain the issue is by doing away with some programs that are not from credible sources together with toolbars.

  1. Ransom Text

With the numerous cases of hackers, you may receive a message telling you that your computer is locked and you have to pay some amount of money as ransom to get back your data. Most cases have reported that they can’t access any information on their computer hence the desperation to recover data.

Always backup your data to avoid being in a fix in such a situation. Sometimes, if you have sensitive data that you can’t risk losing, you may be forced to pay the ransom. Always ensure that a tech specialist can install the necessary back up applications needed to keep your PC free from hackers.

  1. Slow System

Are you used to such a fast connection on your PC then all of a sudden it is annoyingly slow? Malware may have found its way into your system. If you notice that most processes on the computer are disturbingly slow and you can barely do anything urgent, then do a total antivirus scan. Scanning helps remove any unwanted or illegal data from your PC.

  1. Suspicious Antivirus Messages

Another sign that your system has been compromised is getting a fake antivirus warning. Most cases, when these warnings come, the damage has always been done. Once the warning comes up, it is usually a way of convincing you to purchase an antivirus. They then try to convince you to provide your credit card information. Do not give out such vital information in whatever circumstance.

A way of doing away with such an antivirus is by quickly switching off and booting your system. Ensure that you uninstall the software to prevent further damage.

  1. Online Passwords not Working

Ever been in a situation where you are trying to log into a certain site, but you are getting the ‘incorrect password’ warning? To be sure, always wait for around 15-30 minutes before trying again because some sites may be experiencing some technical, difficulties.  If you know for sure that you have not forgotten your password, then your system may have been hacked.

The hackers could have gained entry and compromised your password and may have changed it to get control of your account. The hacker may use your account to solicit money from other people.  Another way is they could transfer all the money from your account to an offshore account and leave you bankrupt. Worse still, the money could have been a loan you applied for, and the bank deposited the loan money into your account. That leaves you with a huge amount of credit that you never even put to use, but you still have to pay for.

If you notice such an incident, immediately contact your close friends and family alerting them of the situation. Additionally, contact the particular website or if possible go to their physical location and file a complaint.

  1. Unnecessary Toolbars

When installing software, and in the process, you receive an option to receive a message whether you want to install some browser toolbar. However, toolbars that you never asked for may suddenly appear. This is an indication of your computer being hacked.

A clear sign of this is excessive reappearing of the toolbars on your PC notoriously. You should seek help from technicians who are aware on how to solve such issues to avoid jeopardizing your PC.

Computer hacking is a common occurrence and you should be ready for such occasions. Take the necessary precaution like having a credible antivirus that could protect you strongly.  Always ensure that if you own a company that holds sensitive information, you have the necessary back up tools.

Hi, This is Itender Rawat and I am Editor-in-Chief of I am 26 year tech lover, bike rider and thinker from Dehradun who writes about Technology, Mobiles, Android, Softwares and Internet


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