Applying nail varnish to nails is an easy task, but to get finish as like a manicure expert you must follow some nail coloring tips. Following are some tips that you must following while applying nail varnish yourself.

1. Avoid Harmful Chemical

Before applying new polish to your fingernails, you’ll need to evacuate the old one. Rather than using a harmful CH3)2CO arrangement, search for non-CH3)2CO nail varnish removers. This will keep your nails solid and sparkling. To evacuate polish without creating harm, make sure to rub polish away with a cotton cushion that won’t touch the most superficial layer of the nail.

2. Use Press-Ons

While acrylic nails can be harming, acetic acid derivation press-ons don’t cause any damage to your nails. In case, that you have a harmed nail, gently apply a quick press on to cover up the damage.

3. Always Use a Base Coat

To keep your nails from turning an undesirable yellow shade, apply a base coast before colored nail varnish. Begin at the white half-moon over the fingernail skin and apply in an upward movement. Let the base coat dry for 4 to 5 minutes before applying colored nail varnish.

4. Apply Two Coats of Polish

For an expert, salon-quality finish, make sure to apply two layers of polish, Remember to permit every coat to dry before applying the next one.

5. Let Your Nails Dry

While lounging around doing nothing can be exhausting, it’s likewise the only way to ensure you don’t smudge your polish after applying it. Also, it may be a decent reason to get some much needed down time.

So here comes the end of article on how to apply nail varnish perfectly. One thing to note here, to color nails perfectly, tips aren’t sufficient, a good quality nail varnish is also required. You don’t need to spend a lot of bucks on buying a high quality nail varnish. There are several websites exists as trulyfair cosmetics which provides discounted nail varnish UK at an affordable price.

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