5 Racing Games You Should Play Today

If you are passionate enough to accelerate on various thrilling racing games, then there few games, your gaming library should have. Don’t miss out some exciting racing games.

Racing Games
Racing Games

Here’s a list of few breath taking racing games. Explore them today and do you know that these games not only pass your time but helps you to sharpen your driving skills. Let’s check out some of the best racing games.

  1. Drag Racer v3

Drag racer is a free game that you can play online. It is a fun thrilling game that you will end up wanting to play. Compete against racers and see how far you can take your wheels. You can buy cars of your choice, change the set-up. Over lakhs of gamers are playing this game every day.

  1. Need for Speed Underground:        

Pretty sure all of you have heard about this highly popular Need for Speed racing game. This ‘’Need for Speed Underground” is the seventh addition to this gaming category. You have to download this game for playing. Download is free. It is a street racing game that is fast-paced. Roll your wheels around the city of Olympic change into various tuner cars.

It has three new play modes; sprint, drag and drift. If you love playing games on your computer, then you must download this game today and start playing. It has great graphics and for passionate gamers and racers this is just the right one. The game has a back story included, which helps gamers to supplement the game play.

  1. Street Racer

Download this game and start playing it today. This game includes a bunch of racers that starts illegal racing on the streets. You have to compete with these insane racers and prove yourself to be a master in racing. It has two game modes; championship and single race. Download, start playing and become a super star racer today.

  1. Potty Racers 3

It is a walk through racing game. Created by Gonzo games it is a funny interesting distance game, with challenging goals. You have to achieve those goals to pass the level. Potty Racers needs no registration and is absolutely free. In the third instalment of the game series you can upgrade your potty racer. This is the third version of the Potty Racers game. It is the latest version and includes some amazing added features than the other two. Except the rules this game is completely different compared the earlier two games.

This game brings you many added fun stuffs that will help you score more which was missing in the previous ones. Your mission is to make potty’s dream come true via this game. Start playing this fun game today. All these games that we are mentioning here are from MuchGames, so without wasting much time further sharpen your driving skills at muchgames.com.

  1. Uphill Rush 5

Uphill Rush 5 is a free game that you can play online. This version starts with a water ride. Play and earn money and upgrade loads of things. You can set up your own object and race as faster as you can. Start playing now and enjoy this new fifth version of Uphill Rush.

If you have not tuned in to these games yet, don’t think and start playing them today.

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