Talktalk Fibre optic broadband was launched in 2003, and currently it is a leader in the UK broadband mart, when it comes to value for money services. Talktalk offers various services so that existing Talktalk broadband customers can further benefit from the high speed fibre optic broadband services.


The Talktalk fibre optic broadband offers speed up to 40Mbps for minimal cost of £10 on your existing subscription. Today we are listing 5 budget friendly talktalk fibre optic broadband plans that will help you to get lighting fast internet speed.

1) Talktalk Fibre Broadband: Talktalk fibre broadband basic is one of the cheapest fibre optic plans available in market, it offers unlimited broadband usage at a download speed of 38Mbps. This plan is ideal for large household and small firms. Subscription price of this plan is £10 per month and comes with 18 months of broadband and phone contract. You have to bear one time line rental charge of £14.50 in this package. You will also get a free wireless router with it.

2) Medium Talktalk Fibre Broadband: Medium Talktalk fibre broadband package is suitable for all those, who are looking for an unlimited high speed plan for medium usage. This plan offers 38Mbps of downloading speed and unlimited data usage. The speed is 4 times faster than the UK average download allowance. Subscription charge of Medium talktalk fibre is slightly higher than the basic one but it provides value for money services. Price of this package is £12.50 per month and one time installation charge of £14.50.

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3) Talktalk Fibre Large Broadband: If you are a hard core internet addict then this plan is surly the one that you looking for. It offers 76Mbps speed and unlimited data usage. Beside internet, it also offers evening free landline calls and free connection, although you have to bear £14.50 installation charge if you are not an existing talktalk customer. Price of this plan is £15 a month and comes in 18 month contract.

4) Talktalk Broadband Essentials: Although this plan is not a fibre optic internet plan but offers value for money service. In Talktalk Broadband Essentials, you will get unlimited broadband and downloading speed up to 14Mbps. beside this, it also provide evening and weekend UK free landline calls. Subscription charge of this package is £3.25 + one time installation charge.

5) Talktalk TV Broadband and Phone: This package is a complete utility pack that is offered by talktalk. You will get various services like TV, Unlimited Broadband, Phone calls under this plan. As like other talktalk packages, it offers unlimited data usage and one time installation charge. This plan comes with 18 months of contract and you have to pay only £7.50 a month.

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I am sure now you are ready to choose your Fibre Optic Broadband Plans for your home and business. 🙂

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