Betting sites are the best choices when it comes to gaining better gains with just a little effort. What if you want to bet a smartphone on a betting site? We present the list of our top five options from that point of view. This article presents the 5 best smartphones to place bet in betting sites.

iPhone 7 Plus

The dual camera large screen device is the best choice for placing a bet on the betting sites. iPhone 7 Plus is undoubtedly the best-looking smartphone you can lay your hands on.

If you a cellphone fan and love picking up the devices that fancy you, you will fall in love with iPhone 7 Plus.The fast paced new A10 processor with a high end camera makes it the best performer with everything you throw at it.

The plus points of the device are its awesome dual camera setup and premium design with water resistance properties.

Google Pixel XL

It is one of the able competitor to the position of the Best smartphone in the world. The perfect design and the best UI are some of the features that make it one of the perfect contenders if you want to place a bet on those devices.

Be it the perfect camera, or the all-powerful software, or even the premium build – you should be proud of everything that the phone features. If you are not happy with the big screen, you can opt for Google Pixel which is a smaller variant of the Google Pixel XL.

One Plus 3T

The phone has indeed been a flagship killer. It has a few great features that make it an excellent device. It has everything that you would wish to see in your favorite phone, but lighter on your pocket.

The phone is quite premium looking with its build quality. Some of the excellent features that make it a prime choice include an HD screen, fingerprint sensor, and excellent cameras. The phone actually gives sleepless nights to the high end manufacturers.
If you want to place a bet on One Plus 3T on betting sites, you are right on the dot.


If the phone you want to have needs to be innovative, nothing can beat the LG G5. Agreed – it may not be comparable to the likes of Galaxy S7 or iPhone 7 Plus – but it offers you something that no other device offers.

Yes, you get the modular design with LG G5. You can go on adding optional enhancements in the form of modules. Another feature that makes it stay apart from the competitors is its removable battery. The latest Android version, a worthwhile screen and great spec sheet are what would make it the good option for placing a bet on.

Sony Z5 Premium

It is one of the best 4K smartphone you have ever laid your hands on. It is a phone with a 5.5 inch display and a 806 ppi pixel density – isn’t that amazing!

The design is innovative as well. The fingerprint scanner is on the side rather than on the front or rear. The 23 MP camera is yet another advantage. The battery life can be an issue, for the power users though.

Final Thoughts

That would conclude our top picks for the best smartphones you can place a bet on betting sites. We hope we have been helpful in listing out the best devices for your needs. Do share your views on the smartphones featured in this list.

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