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Several years ago we might still have considered the Internet to be widely used, but not ubiquitous. With the rise of smart phones and tablets over the past few years, many of us have become more dependent on Internet access, and now almost everyone uses the Internet for some reason or another. While this may be fun for some people, others find computers unintuitive, and have difficultly mastering their use. Here are some tricks that can help almost anyone become better at using the World Wide Web.

#1 Common Browser Shortcuts:

One of the best time saving tricks for browsing the Internet is to learn browser shortcuts. The exact shortcuts will vary by browser, but in general keyboard combination like ctrl + t will open a new tab, and usually you can start typing the address of the website you want to visit immediately. Other shortcuts for switching tabs, searching websites, and general operating system shortcuts like copy and paste will help you use your computer more efficiently.

Here is the list of some common browser shortcuts that will work with most of the browsers:

Common Browser Shortcuts For Standard Toolbar Buttons:
1) Alt + Backspace = Back.
2) Shift + Backspace = Forward.
3) F5 = Reload.
4) Ctrl + F5 = Force reload (no cache).
5) Esc = Stop.
6) Alt + Home = Homepage.
7) Ctrl + N = New browser tab/window.Common Browser Shortcuts For Address Bar:

1) F6= To set focus on address bar.
2) Ctrl + Enter = Add “www.” and “.com” prefix to address bar.
3) Alt + Enter = Open address bar location in a new tab.

Common Browser Shortcuts For Tabs:

1) Ctrl + 1…8 = Switch to nth tab.
2) Ctrl + 9 = Switch to last tab.
3) Ctrl + Tab = Switch to next tab.
4) Ctrl + Page down = Switch to previous tab.
5) Ctrl + W = Close current tab.
6) Ctrl + T = Open new tab in the foreground.
7) Ctrl + Shift + T = Reopen the last closed tab.
8) Ctrl + Left/Right Click = Open clicked link in a new background tab.
9) Shift + Left Click = Open clicked link in a new browser window
10) Ctrl + Shift + Left Click =  Open clicked link in a new tab and set focus to it.Common Browser Shortcuts For

Reading:1) Space Bar = Scroll down.
2) Shift + Space = Scroll up.
3) Home = Go to top of the page.
4) End = Go to bottom of the page.
5) F11 = Toggle full page mode.
6) Ctrl and + = Zoom in.
7) Ctrl and – = Zoom out.
8) Ctrl + 0 = Set to default zoom.Common Browser Shortcuts for Bookmarks :

1) Ctrl + D = Add current site to bookmarks/favorites.
2) Ctrl + H = Open browsing history.
3) Ctrl + J = Open download history.Common Browser Shortcuts for Search:

1) Ctrl + E = Set focus to search box.
2)  Alt + Enter = Perform search in new tab.
3) F3 = In page search.
4) Ctrl + F3 = Scroll to previous in-page search item.Common Browser Shortcuts For Developers:

1) Ctrl + U = View source of current page.
2) F12 = Developer tools.
3) Ctrl + Shift + Del= Delete Browsing history.

#2 Search Google Efficiently with Search Features:

Another good internet trick for using the Internet is to learn to search well. Google offers lots of built-in features to help you find the information you need quickly. For quick, common searches, like the weather or unit conversions, Google will give you the answer without even requiring you to navigate to another website. for i.e- if you want to calculate the value of 5*9+(sqrt 10)^3 then just go to google and search this 5*9+(sqrt 10)^3=

There were lots of things which can be answered by google without the need of any other site. Like we can see the current time,current whether conditions of our city, Stock prices, sports scores, Even we can get the movie show times of our city.

#3 Google Efficiently with Google Dorks or Google Search Operators:

Google also has a number of search operators that allow you to search more specifically. These can be found in the Advanced search form, or by typing certain operators into the search bar. One particularly useful internet trick is to search only a specific website.

For instance, if you wanted to look up something on Wikipedia, you could type “ World Wide Web” (without the quotes) into Google’s search bar, which will return pages only on Wikipedia about the World Wide Web. Some websites search features aren’t very good, and this can be an easier way to locate things.

Some of the common Google Dorks:

1) = This will show the information about homepage.

2) related: = Show the pages related to

3) facebook site: = This will find out the facebook pages about facebook within

4) Allintitle: tricksmode = This will restrict result to pages those contains tricksmode as a title.

5) Allinurl: tricksmode facebook = This will find out the pages those having tricksmode and facebook in url.

Google provides 1000’s of Google dorks for advance users, even we can combine multiple Google dorks and use them as single Google dork. Enlisting all the Google dorks here, is beyond the scope of this article. If you need a list of Google dorks then search “List of Google dorks” on Google and you can find many.

Above all are basic browser and internet tricks and if we adopt them in our online life then we can perform an online task rapidly.There are many more internet tricks we can pick up as when we use the Internet more. But before using internet Make sure you have a Clear high speed Internet to give you a great experience.

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