How To Install Backtrack on Android Phone

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Backtrack is an open source Linux distribution for penetration testing. The best thing about backtrack is that it offers a lot of integrated penetration tools for security researchers and ethical hackers to penetrate a network. Now a days almost 60% of total elite security researchers are using backtrack for its efficiency and simplicity. Backtrack comes in various flavors including arm version also. Android mobile phone also
uses arm processors so we can install an arm version of backtrack on android devices by following some easy steps. So today we are sharing an android trick which will guide you “How to install Linux backtrack on android phone”, if you follow this tutorial Then your old android operating system will not be affected. It means that you can use two operating systems on your android phone on a same time.

Things required:

1) Rooted android phone.
2) 5 gb free external memory.
3) Terminal emulator android application.
4) Android vnc.
5) Backtrack operating system [arm version]
6) BusyBox android application.
7) 7zip windows utility.

How to install Linux backtrack on android phone: 1) Download 7zip windows utility from this link.

2) Download backtrack operating system arm version from here. 

3) After download, extract the downloaded folder (BT5-GNOME-ARM.7z) to hard disk using 7zip. 

4) Open the extracted folder and extract the bt5.img.gz folder using 7zip inside the extracted folder. Once done you will see something like this. 

backtrack arm version
5) Now connect your memory card to your pc and create a new folder named BT5 in memory card.
6) Now copy all the extracted files to BT5 folder.
7) Download Busyboxandroid application from here and install it on your android device. Busybox need rooted android phone to run, so kindly make sure that your android phone is rooted. Once done start Busybox and move to next step.

8) Download Terminal emulator from here, and android vnc from here and install it on your android device.

9) Once done, open terminal emulator and type these commands.

su and press enter.
cd/sdcard/BT5 and press enter.
sh bootbt and press enter.
tightvncserver –geometry 1280×800 and then press enter.
export USER=root and press enter.
vncpasswd and press enter then create a new password.
10) Now open android vncand enter the password which we entered in last step.
11) Once done, enter port as (5901 or 5902 or 5903 so on) in android vnc. one thing to notice that sometimes when we enter a port number it show us connection error because that port is being used by another application, so we have to try a series of ports starting from 5901, if not work then 5902, and so on until we get a working port.

12) After this click on “Connect” button on android vnc and we are done. We will be in backtrack GUI mode.

If you are facing any problem following the above tutorial on “How to install backtrack on android phone” then kindly leave your comments in comment box below.


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  • king david

    can we download backtrak directly in android device?

  • Aman Verma

    off course you will, Backtrack will reside on memory card, So there wouldn’t be any problem getting back to android again.. :D

  • Aman Verma

    Yes you can.. :D

  • drzahid

    hello dear , i m using samsung galaxy s duos. the internal storage of galaxy s duos is 2GB. is there any way to install backtrack on it. i have 8Gb extrnal memory card.
    any solution ???

  • kamal

    Sh bootbt is not working in my note 2..wht to do..?

  • Sugam Loading

    but when i extract it in external memory card then not complete this process and show the massage “sapace full”only 85% extract it?