How to Get 200-1000 Likes On Facebook Status,Posts and Photos [Updated- Working Now]

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Facebook is a giant social networking site with 1 billion active users per month. Facebook proved itself as a great platform to influence peoples and to attract your crush over internet. beside this if you are a web admin you can get your audience out from there. But as i said “You can attract peoples on facebook”, its not as easy as it sounds. To attract peoples on facebook
you must have a good fan following or genuine audience who like what you post. Many facebook users asked me about “How to get likes on facebook status, posts and photos” after a lot of internet surfing. i just found a latest facebook trick by which anyone can get 200-1000 likes on facebook status,posts,feeds or on photos.

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So today i am sharing that facebook trick on “How to get 200-1000 likes on facebook status,posts,feeds and photos” with tricksmode readers. I hope you all find this trick helpful.

Before you start, First make sure that your profile have “Followers (Subscribers) feature” turned on otherwise this trick won’t work.

So, How to Allow Followers on facebook?

To allow followers on facebook
Go To  Or Alternatively You Can Go To Account Settings Then Subscribers Tab And Check Mark The Allow Subscribers.

facebook followers settings
After Setting subscribers feature on, you have to do one more setting with your facebook profile which is “Make your posts publicly visible

How can i make my profile posts publicly visible?

Its not as hard task as it sounds,to set your default privacy of facebook posts to public go To Privacy Settings And Change “Who can see my stuff” to Public and also change who can look me up to Everyone.

facebook public privacy

So now your facebook profile is ready to get likes on status,posts and photos.

Now you just need install xperia application of your Facebook account to start getting likes on your posts.

To install Xperia facebook application follow this link.


Yeah i just installed Xperia application what should i do now?

Once done, Just go to this link, and follow these steps.

1) A page will open asking you to install java for your browser. Click on free download to download java for your browser.
java for browsers2) After downloading, Install java, It will take generally 2-3 minutes.

3) After successful installation, follow this link. You will see a Facebook login dialog box, Just login to your Facebook account, using that dialog box.

once done you will see something like this


Autoliker bot

Select Status,Feed,Photo on which you want to get likes and Finally click on Submit button in front of desired Post to start getting likes on it. After doing so you will get 200-1000 likes on status,photos or posts in just seconds.

Some common FAQ’s about Likelo

Can i Submit status,photos or feeds multiple times on to get more likes on it? keeps track of each and every submission in its database and doesn’t offers a feature of multiple submission of a single Post.

How works?
Its a Facebook auto liker bot and as other facebook auto liker bots it also uses Like Jacking technique to provide likes on Posts. Likes generated by is not fake and all the likes you will get is from real and active facebook profiles.

Is Spams like other Auto liking bots?
The best thing about is, it doesn’t spams in groups or walls of people when we use it. But there is another face of coin exist that is, your profile will automatically start to like other peoples status,photos or feeds who are using but you can easily overcome by this by changing your Access Token.

How to change Access Token on Facebook?

Facebook Access Token automatically changed each time when a facebook user changes his password. To change your access token, Login to your facebook account and change your password. and select log out from other devices and you are done.
Update: If likelo is not working for you then try this alternative trick to increase facebook,twitter,google plus followers/likes/plus one/shares.

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  • vinay rao

    i got this error

     “”” Error: Non Public Privacy

     Privacy of the Requested(Object) is Not Public”””

    how to solve it and what’s its means?

  • You are getting this error because you didn’t setup the default privacy of your posts to public..anyways i stated in article that “to set your default privacy of facebook posts to public go To
    Privacy Settings And Change “Who can see my stuff” to Public and
    also change who can look me up to Everyone.”
    I hope this will work then…

  • its proper working dude
    its fantastic

  • Thanks you Nawazish…!!

  • :o account is se hack ho skte hai kya?

  • No..your account will be safe..But for safty purpose you can also change your password after this..!!

  • sir there is a pic in a link…i want likes on the pic

  • First Download That Pic to your computer..Then Upload the downloaded picture to your facebook account..and at last…Apply the mentioned trick to start getting likes on it..

  • great , thanks man :D , keep writnig , you’r the best

  • atul

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  • Thanks You..
    Keep Visiting.. :)

  • s kinney

    ive been wondering how this works thts awesome!

  • These Kinds of comments always motivates a blogger..Thanks you Kinney for your valuable comment

  • Rhiza M.

    Why is not working now

  • Its working absolutly fine..I myself tried it today..
    If not working for you..then tell me the problem which is coming..I will surly try to help you..

  • Rhiza M.

    Thanks yes its working already now. Just another question, the first week ive used this i get many likes on my photos as well as on my status but recently i was just wondering coz i got 5 likes or 7likes? Why is it like that? Is it normal? Thank you. Love Rhiza

  • No,Please make sure..You are not interrupting the likelo process by reloading the webpage that comes after we submit any post or feed for likes..

  • valerie

    Its not working anymore:/ it first said that it would take 10 hours for it to get working now it says “likelo under maintenance” what’s going on?

  • may be there is some maintainance work going on…Try again after some will work for sure..

  • when i paste the token in the box and click on submit the page remains the same……

  • Yes kunal…I am also facing the same problem..May be there is some maintance work going on..wait for some time..and lets see what will happen next..

  • disqus_5HNcxH9G6f

    why doesnt it work anymore? like i post my access token and it loads for like 3 seconds then stops and nothing happens

  • The same problem comes from last 2-3 days…as i mentioned in my earlier comments..that..this problem is can be coming becasue maintainance work is going on..

  • disqus_5HNcxH9G6f

    oh okay so eventually it will work again right? because i thought is was never going to work again like its shutiing down or some shit and tryed looking for a new autoliker and i had no luck at all.

  • Yea..I too think the same…
    Just wait for some days..and lets see what will happen next..!!

  • ade


  • gimana kog gk bisa like??

  • karann

    after submitting the access token nthng happns..

  • As i said in my other comments..Likelo is not working from last 3-4 days..I hope it will start to work soon..

  • Kindly use english..

  • Ashley, Likelo is not working from last few days..i will soon publish another article on how to get 1000’s of facebook likes..

  • Sorry, I can’t get you can you please elaborate…

  • i use this i dont get 200-1000 likes =(

  • Paul

    nt working

  • I updated the article, Kindly check the last line of article.

  • I think you didn’t noticed the last line of article..Check updated article..

  • Cameron

    Hello there I was just wondering if using the safari browser on my iphone would make any difference on the amount of likes on a status/photo and also as I’m living in Australia what would be the best time to submit a status/photo for likes? Thank you :)

  • It doesn’t work for me :( after I post my token to nothing happens :( help

  • Hello Cameron, Browsers and timings don’t matter much..But now days i am getting some complaints regarding likelo that its not working properly…
    So you can try this updated article as well.. increase facebook,twitter,google plus
    followers/likes/plus one/shares.

  • Man I applied all the steps ! But this is not working :( Please help me out !

  • Hello Tejeshwar, I got so many complaints that likelo is not working anymore, That’s why i updated the article with another facebook trick. You can call this as alternative of likelo, If you read the last line of current article you will find the trick url there..Anyways here’s the direct link for alternative of likelo–>
    Try this, I am Sure you will find it helpful..

  • auistha

    I already tried the trick and i was expecting that after few seconds, the post that i submitted would really get hundred likes immediately as what was stated, but, unfortunately, after 5 minutes, i just got 6 likes. Why?

  • If you read other’s comments and my replies on this post..then you will get your answer..but anyways.this is because likelo is not working properly now a days..
    Here’s the alternative to —

  • no its not like have to make every privacy setting to public as well as make sure that the post on which you need likes is also visible to “everyone”

  • I only get like 10 likes why is this?

  • Amit Kundal

    I Dont Understand this

  • HumZah

    Is There Any Other Site To Use, For Increasing more Likes. Except ? ;)

  • jasmin

    its not working anymore :(

  • ricky

    I m not getting more than 50 likes sometimes ,,less than 50,,why

  • R fb

    I have got just 100like in my statut ..

  • ashly

    i only got 10 likes for my photo :( how can i increase them?

  • kindly make sure, You’re not interrupting the process in middle..

  • Yeah..That’s the problem with mostly occurs with likelo, Likes aren’t stable. Sometimes we get 250 likes while other time we get 10-20 likes..

  • As i said in my other comment, that likes are not stable there, so its not your mistake, its just a likelo bug.

  • rahul

    only sony Ericson is coming when m clicking to get access token…. and its not working after tht…!!!

  • yash shrivastava

    For Me Itz Not Workin Plz Cn U Tell Hlp Me……??? :(

  • man thats not working what can i do??

    i used ur 2013 update version than i pointed 156 as well

    than i click add site/page than what can i do?? that i did not know plzzz help me yrrr

  • Just add site page on which you want likes by putting the url in the field, Then set a CPC=9..
    And wait for few will start getting likes..

  • check your url bar for access token..

  • SarthP

    Dude u give response to everyone here…gr8 man .Thanx for the trick…only got 50 likes.But awesome.

  • Thanks you..
    Yeah..nowadays likelo is not providing likes as much as past..I am searching a better alternative to likelo and will let everyone inform soon..

  • Try addmefast (dot) com..I hope you will get some likes there..
    Check tutorial for addmefast from here–

  • Sorry amit..but i can’t make this article more simpler than this one..

  • do you know any trick that could give me many subscribers in my facebook account instantlly?

  • I got 50 likes
    Thank you man
    Provide us these types of cool tricks more

  • md

    When i go to the access token i click on it but nothing happens at all?

  • thxx man….

  • there is no way of getting likes without turning my setting into public ??

  • anymousshit

    Aman faster find it pls i really need it. TT

  • I think you are talking about access code submission…It takes time because there is some time needed to fetch the information from your Facebook profile about posts,feeds,photos to its API..

  • You can use addmefast dot com as well…It provides a like exchange service..

  • Yea, There is no way out..All the likes comes from the people who are not friends of yours..if we don’t change our post visibility to public then how can people see our post in order to like that..

  • Same problem is occurring with me too from the last 5-6 days..i hope the problem will be troubleshoot by the likelo team soon…until you can try this facebook trick to increase likes–>

  • Keep visiting.. :)

  • You are always welcome.. :)

  • Jhoanne Belle Moc Babia

    i don’t see Subscriber Tab in my account.

  • Jhoanne Belle Moc Babia

    i don’t see Subscrber Tab in my profile.

  • Can i ask? What should i do to get 200 likes?

  • Subscriber tab is now renamed as follower tab by facebook…Just go to account setting and you will find a Follower tab in the left sidebar..

  • Follow the above article..if it doesn’t work for you then, try this one..–>

  • heyyy tell me one thing that what is lokelo v2??
    and when i submitted the access tocken in v2 why open the facebook page of abhishek mishra???? tell me fast dude plzzz

  • vishal

    pls tell me process

  • disqus_J3cFarBAVV

    i dont know cause this Xperia smarthphone not instaling

  • janus

    Its not working :/ i got my token , and submitted the status i want to have likes. but it doesnt give me likes , even a single 1

  • wew got only 2 likes

  • yes likelo is not working can addmefast as an alternative

  • kindly check the last line of the above post..which says clearly that the likelo is not working anymore..and for an updated trick you can try my other article as well..

  • I too tried that..its fake..the developers just developed that in order to get some subscribers.

  • Its not working anymore..

  • use addmysite option and add your site to start getting likes on it..

  • the link you provided is not working please tell me how to increase likes plz reply asap

  • altrim.lipovica


  • Rafi Malik

    How m i download xperia app bcz i m nt luking here ths app

  • Robert Smith

    Thanks guys for the facebook page likes.
    I have a question may i place two orders in parallel?

    • Hello,
      Sure , you can give us many orders at a time. Socio Boosters have full resources to handle your particular orders. there is no problem with many orders at a time. If you have any query may ask anytime , we are here to help you always.

      thanks & regards
      Socio Boosters

      • Robert Smith

        Thanks Socio boosters.
        i will place SEO order.

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