You have decided to get hold of a spying app to monitor iPhone remotely? It’s half part of the decision. The difficult part is selecting the right app.

Tracking apps for iPhone

There are more tracking apps for iPhone but only a handful work. So what is that one factor that makes a spy app truly worth buying? Read on to find out.

Coming to terms

If you have heard about iPhone tracking apps, you might have heard quite a lot. There would be people giving you different versions of what an iPhone tracker can do and can’t do. So to cut the confusion, here is what an iPhone tracking software will do: iPhone tracker will let you track all phone data, phone usage stats and whereabouts remotely. This means even if you don’t have a physical access to the target phone, you can still have a look at all the contents stored on the device.

What most spy apps can cheat you with

Now as there are more tracker apps than there are cafes in your town, you need to be on your toes while buying one. There are some tracking apps that only need you to subscribe to them once and that’s all. They have no intention to let you track the target device and the features would hardly work.

Some apps that claim that they are free – don’t ever go for them as there is no guarantee that these apps will ever work. Everything comes at price and always remember that.

Then there are some spy apps that claim that you don’t require access to the target phone to install the app. This is absolute lie because you would really need to have a physical access to the iPhone you wish to install the app in once.

And lastly, there are some apps out there that would try to sell you claiming that you don’t need to jailbreak the target iPhone. This makes no sense because such an app will never work. All iPhones need to be jailbroken and that’s a fact.

Making the right choice

Keeping all these things in mind, go for the app that:

  • 100% undetectable so you don’t get caught while tracking the iPhone
  • Uninstallable so target iPhone holder can’t uninstall it without your approval
  • Offers you features like iMessage tracking
  • Lets you track the current location of the phone any time

Although there are a few Tracking apps for iPhone out there that offer these features but StealthGenie is worth mentioning here. This spying app will also let you:

– Listen to phone surroundings

– Receive alerts on suspicious calls and SMS

– Define safe and unsafe areas and get alerts as target device holder enters or leaves these areas

– Track WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, iMessage, Facebook and BBM chats on iPhone.

Make a decision once and for all

What I’d recommend is that you should do your homework and go for the app one time. Changing from one tracking app to another is a mental and physical torture. I have had a good experience with all the tracking apps for iPhone before I finally settled down with StealthGenie. Happy iPhone tracking!

Hi, This is Itender Rawat and I am Editor-in-Chief of I am 26 year tech lover, bike rider and thinker from Dehradun who writes about Technology, Mobiles, Android, Softwares and Internet


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