Keyword research is one of the vital parts of SEO. It is the backbone of SEO. Without Keyword research, it is near to impossible to rank a website for the desired keyword. The basic foundation of SEO is Keyword Research, then comes On-page optimization, Off-page SEO, a good site user interface, etc. Many big companies invest thousands of dollars in Keyword Research.

How to start a blog with the right keywords isn’t always easy, you need a lot of data to determine whether the keyword will for you or not.

Most of the Keyword research tools are paid. However there are free ones too, but when you need in-depth analysis and data, the paid are a lot better than the free ones. Here are top 5 tools which will help you in Keyword Research.

1. Semrush


Used by millions of bloggers, Semrush is one of the leading Keyword Research tools available on the internet. Semrush provides you in-depth analysis of keywords. Unlike other tools, you just have to add your competitor’s URL, and it will show you all the keywords the site is ranking for. This makes it easy for you to research and find profitable keywords to rank for. Using this data, you can easily find long-tail keywords and short tails keywords which you can target. Semrush also provides you with Traffic stats, search engine report, Adsense CPC and many other details

2. Google Keyword Planner


Google Keyword Planner is one of the most used and popular keyword research tool on the internet. It is absolutely free, which makes it more prone to get more users than others. To start using Google Keyword Planner you need an Adwords account, if you don’t have one, create a free one now. However, being free to use, Google Keyword Planner has its limitations. Keyword Planner is a good tool for newbies as well as pros for the early stages of SEO for a given site.

3. Long Tail Pro


Long Tail Pro is another paid Keyword Research tool available on the internet. Using this, you can easily find keywords and long-tails for your niche or micro-niche website. In the platinum version of the software, there are many incredible features which offer insight about the given seed keyword. The software also has a competition checker, which makes it easy for you to pick out keywords which are easy to rank.

4. Keyword Spy


Keyword Spy is an SEO optimization tool. However, it is primarily used for Keyword Research purposes. Keyword Spy is used to identify the keywords your competitor is ranking on, as well as research on the keywords for your website.

5. Market Samurai


Market Samurai is another paid keyword research tool which offers keyword research and domain research both. Market Samurai has different modules in-built for keyword research, domain research, content publishing, site planning, monetization, etc. Market Samurai is a one-time investment for someone who is looking for all this stuff in one single tool.

With this, we come to an end to our post. I hope you liked this article on Top 5 Keyword Research Tools. However, if you feel like I’ve missed any tool, feel free to start a discussion below and I’ll try to reach you as soon as possible.

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