Generally screen recording is pretty easy to understand, and it simply involves recording video footage directly from your screen. Most people mistakenly tend to assume that it is only used to create tutorials and instructional guides – but while that may be one of its more popular uses, it does have many others.

By being able to record any video footage from your screen, you can effectively ‘save’ any content that appears there. In other words you could use screen recording to save online streaming videos, Skype calls, bugs, or anything else for that matter. As you can see it is really quite useful, which is why it would be worth your while to give Movavi Screen Recorder a spin.

With the help of Movavi Screen Recorder you’ll find that recording your screen is a piece of cake. All it will take is a few clicks and you can define the area of your screen that you want to record, set up the audio source, and you’ll be all set and ready to begin recording the footage that you want.


It is worth noting that you will be able to customize other aspects of the recording as well, such as the sound levels, frame rate, and so on. Within Movavi Screen Recorder there are even several options that you can use to make keystrokes appear on-screen so that they can be recorded, while also highlighting the mouse cursor and customizing its ‘click’ sound so that it is more audible.

Once you’ve set up the recording, you can start and control it either with the on-screen controls in the interface or by using the hotkeys. Rather than manually starting and stopping the recording however, you could set Movavi Screen Recorder to automatically begin recording at a particular time, and stop at one too. Suffice to say you won’t need to be physically present to ‘babysit’ the recording, and can instead set it to record while you’re gone.

After the recording is complete, you will be given the opportunity to preview the footage that was recorded and trim out any unwanted parts. If and when you’re fully satisfied, you can then save the video in any format, or use one of Movavi Screen Recorder’s built-in presets to automatically optimize it for a specific device or platform.

All in all it should be clear that Movavi Screen Recorder will not only make it a piece of cake to record any video footage from your screen, but it will also ensure that you can fully adjust and customize your recording. Considering the benefits of being able to record your screen, you should definitely try it out and see just how easy it truly is.

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