Stuck at a boring wedding or a long subway ride? Don’t feel like talking to anyone, but want to kill time too? Well, take that smartphone out of your pocket/ purse and start playing the most thrilling and exciting free games.

Be it kids or adults, these games are lately trending amongst people of all age groups. Here we picked 5 most popular Android games to pass time with fun.

Shadow Fight 2

The game comes with a very witless background story. Due to some combative accident, you accidentally unleashed demon that converted you into a shadow. So now, you do not exist as flesh and blood, rather you are a shadow and hence can only fight shadows.

Shadow Fight 2 is like any other typical fighting game with only one problem; combat is a bit slower. As you clear levels you will see steady character development. You earn money defeating other shadows, or even if you lose the battle, the money you have can be spent on better and advanced equipment. This allows you to improve the chances against harder enemies, which in-turn lets you earn even more money for even better assets.

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions

The game combines the foundation modes of Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 with the foundation structure of Geometry Wars: Touch and the adventure story mode of Geometry Wars: Galaxies. In order to move forward in the game, you have to reach a certain score mark by gathering stars. The game copies the geometric style of the first Geometry Wars, but adds in glow visuals, 3D graphics and an eye-catching color scheme. And all these make Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions an ideal gave to pass time.  

Pokemon Go

The Pokémon Company, by collaborating with Niantic Labs, released their most sweeping game yet. Pokémon GO is a free app available on iOS and Android devices. The setting is the whole world, meaning the actual world is the Pokemon Universe. You are the protagonist and have to catch the pokemons in various nooks and corners of your area before other players catch them. Those players could be your friends, relatives and neighbors living in the same locality as you. Thus, the idea is to make things more interesting. Instead of sitting at home in front of your gaming console, you need to head out on an adventure and seek the Pokemons and Gym badges.

Field Runners 2

Field Runners 2, the sequel to one of the earliest and more popular open-field tower defense games; Field Runner, is finally available on Android, and it is even better than the original.

The game is set in a contemporary period with advanced yet comical warfare. Your aim is to fight off enemies, soldiers, jeeps and other military assets. This can be done by creating a destructive maze. It is somewhat similar to the story of the popular movie and novel, Maze Runner.  You need to establish turrets and build trenches in a mazelike foundation to keep the opponents away and within firing reach. A large number of Runner games can also be played on Friv and Juegos Friv for free. A few of the worthy mentions are Gangster Runner, Egg Runner, Line Runner 2, Halloween Runner and so on.

Epic Skater

This skateboarding game follows the same automatic pattern as Temple run with a side-scrolling endless skater. Players compete with friends and online players for the most distance covered and highest score. As the board shifts automatically, players can only control the grinds, flips, and tricks to achieve the high score by holding and releasing the screen to instinctively set foot on a grind-able surface. The controls are easy to use and very receptive. It takes time to get used to the moves and maneuvers, but once the player has control on it, they do great. The more the experience the more easily they will be able to perform the tricks. Epic Skater, although having only one stage, is graphically very well created. Nonetheless, it would have been a lot better with a change of scenery every now and then.

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