Modifying your cell phone, or any device so far as that is concerned, is a transition period for every last one of us. By tweaking, you turn a standard looking gadget that a large number of clients may be dragging all over the place, into something that is verifiably our own. It goes from a chunk of plastic and extraordinary metals, to something that is extremely individual. Android users know great how customizable their precious devices are. Of all the incredible characteristics that accompany Android, the top choice is lasting customization.

customize your Android phone

In the event that you would prefer not to attach the gadget to go profound into adjusting, there’s still so much you can do with just applications. Case in point, you can give yourself an extravagant home screen. Here are some apps for customizing your phone, however nothing that require root access. Rather, these are the sorts of applications you can start and play around with on leisure. You could very well have a totally diverse looking Android experience.

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Find below some cool stuff to customize your Android phone now :

Widget Locker

This application permits creative customization of the Android open screen; that is the screen introduced when you wake up the phone, and commonly it just has a slider bar to open the phone. Widget Locker does two things that change the open screen into an exceptionally suitable device. Initially, you can put any Android widget on the open screen, transforming it into a particular data screen put forth without opening the phone. My open screen has a clock/ climate widget which permits me to see what time it is without opening it. You can put electric storage device measure widgets, timetable widgets — any widgets you need — on the open screen.

Beautiful Widgets

Beautiful Widgets is the guilty party that makes modifying the Android home screen as simple as downloading free skins and applying them. People using the widget can create their own skins and transfer them for simple downloading by different user’s right inside the widget. Each part of the clock and climate skin is customizable to fit your specific inclination, and it’s not difficult to change skins at whim.

SOHO (Soho Social Launcher)

SOHO puts your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram encourages on your home screen. Provided that you like the thought of a Facebook Home experience, yet aren’t exactly prepared to bet everything, you may delight in SOHO, a free home launcher that gives a comparative impact. Notwithstanding showing Facebook announcements, this application likewise lets clients pull in Twitter and Instagram encourages on the home screen. Without a doubt, one can like, tweet, remark, and check-in without needing to open the application unique applications. It’s a flawless method for conveying your informal community encourages in one place and it shows signs of improvement with every cycle. Setup is easy and you can blend and match which social media record to draw from. Things work best, nonetheless, for the individuals who utilize each of the three.

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Nova Launcher Prime

Nova Launcher Prime is one of the best launcher applications for Android. There are various launcher provisions that let users override the standard look and feel that accompanies the phone’s out-of-box experience; however Nova Launcher Prime is one of the top choices. If you don’t like the preset alternate ways over the lowest part of your handset you can transform all that. Nova Launcher adjusts the way your phone carries on when tapping the Home bind. Particularly, you can characterize what number of boards you have, the amount of symbols that fit on the home screen, scrolling impacts, and substantially more.


It is a replacement for the Android launcher that comprises of the delicate binds at the bottom of the home screen, and the drawer holding the greater part of the display on the phone. While Launcherpro trades the stock launcher delightfully, it includes considerably increasingly in the deal. Don’t like what number of home screens your Android phone furnishes to utilize widgets and stuff? Launcherpro gives you a chance to use from one to seven hinging upon your necessities. You might wind up utilizing seven given all the cool stuff you can put on them.

I hope you liked this easy tutorial to Customize your Android phone using various themes and widgets. Feel free to comment your views now 🙂

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