Watching movies is what everyone likes to kill time. If you are not able to go out for some reason or the other, you can consider watching the movies online. You can make a boring week interesting if you choose to watch a few good movies. Movie streaming sites can be a good option in that direction. We present you a list of some good free movie streaming sites that can be used effectively for killing your boredom.

Free Movie Streaming Sites

Watching free movies online is the best choice you will have rather than downloading the movie on your laptop or PC. Here we go with our top list of free movie streaming sites that should help you out with unlimited streaming options for watching new movies.

Best Free Movie Streaming Sites in 2017

Visiting movie theaters quite often may not be a good option for most of us. Free Movie streaming sites can be one’s savior in those circumstances. Our top picks consist of the best movie streaming sites that let you stream movies legally.

1. Tubi TV

The movie library of the site is quite impressive. The best part is that you do not need to register on the site to access the services. It can definitely be considered to be one of the legal options of watching movies.

Apart from movies, the service also offers TV shows across different genres. The interface is quite simple and user-friendly.Another feature that we liked most with Tubi TV is the least number of ads that do not ruin your viewing experience.
Visit the official site to enjoy it.

2. fmovies

The site provides a collection that can put the competitors to rest. The service consists of a really enviable collection of best movie and TV shows.

Interface and the content go hand in hand for The interface is simple, yet beautifully laid out. The movie database contains some epic collection. You can choose your favourite shows based on your region as well. The site comes with varied categories to choose from. One of the best features that makes it interesting is that it adds up content quite quickly.

You can get more details from this link.

3. 123movies

This is one of the veteran sites that has been in the movie streaming. It comes with a good deal of different extensions. You can check which extension works the best for you or your region.

The site has an extensive and wider range of titles. The list of titles has quite a good depth. Content organised in a systematic manner makes it one of the best choices for movie streaming. The categories are sorted based on country, genre, and other details.

And one more interesting feature is quite interesting. If you do not find any of your favourite movies, you can request it through their movie request page. Visit the official site from this link for more details.

4. YouTube

Well, this site needs no introduction of any sort. It boasts of a robust system of categories and content. Yes, you may not be able to find the new or latest movies on YouTube.

YouTube claims to have more than 800 million users globally. The site contains many prominent series like James Bond or Star Wars. However, the new movies can take considerable time to be uploaded. There are several special channels on YouTube that may interest you.

Find more information from the official site here.

5. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is the latest entrant in the movie streaming arena. It offers you a good collection of movies, TV series and other videos.

The service, however, is not available for free. We have added this service in this list of free movie streaming sites just because of the rich content it offers you. You can opt for a 30 day free trial option to get into the feel of the quality of the service they provide. The service lets you watch almost all the latest movies and series. The content is well organised under well defined categories.

Get more details from the official site.

6. Crackle

Crackle is the site from Sony. You can watch your favourite movies for free legally. You just need to create a watch list and begin watching the movies and series.

One of the best features that impressed us is that the service comes up with recommendations and suggestions based on your watch list. Being a Sony service, you will never feel any shortage of movie titles. It can indeed be considered to be one of the best free movie streaming sites you can rely upon.

The site offers a good deal of titles across Movies, TV shows and web shows. There are no charges of any sort to be paid. You can use the service without even registering to the service, but a registered user will get personalised service. The site also has mobile apps for Android and iOS. However, the site has too many ads and that is something that may deter you.

Get access to world class service at this link.

7. Viewster

Viewster is one of the prominent free movie streaming site best suited for both Hollywood and Bollywood movies. The site offers unlimited free streaming for its users.

The movie library is quite interesting and includes some of the blockbuster movies. You can browse through the well manged categories like Drama, Horror and Comedy genres among others. The movie streaming firm located in the Switzerland offers a good collection of movies and TV shows.

If you are fond of animation films, it should be the best option for you. The service also has an Android app so that you can stream the movies on your smartphone and watch your favourite movies on the go.

You can access the services of Viewster on their official website and enjoy unlimited movie viewing for free.

In Conclusion

Free online movies is a way you can keep yourself entertained when you are not willing to go out. The sites featured herein can be your best companions from that point of view. Streaming saves your time that you may otherwise waste in downloading the movie.

If you like any of the services featured above, do come back to share your opinions. If you have any better alternatives, you are free to share those with us so that it will benefit our readers.

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