5 Things That Make Dubai A Dream City

Are you unsatisfied with life in your current surroundings? Ever thought about moving out and finding a better place for you to spend some personal time for yourself or even your loved ones? If you are, then consider Dubai, the Land of Opportunities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), as your next destination! Dubai serves as an ever-expanding metropolitan city located around beautiful ocean waters as well as becoming a prime business development hub for prospective job seekers and business owners across the globe. With that said, here are 5 aspects of Dubai that qualifies it amongst the world’s exclusive city of dreams:

1) Social lifestyle and events

Dubai is home to multi-national individuals from various cultural backgrounds around the world. Here, almost every festive season is celebrated together by all walks of life. Furthermore, you can hope to find plenty of night-life and community events planned out throughout the year! There is never a dull moment here in Dubai.

2) Career prospects

With a booming economy to date, Dubai is known to hold numerous job openings and career opportunities for both locals and expats alike. Upon its continuous development projects underway as well as the upcoming World Expo 2020 to be hosted here in the city, you can be sure that employers are always on the lookout for new skillsets and talents.

3) Business opportunities and ventures

Boasting numerous portfolios of residential and commercial successes within the real estate industry, Dubai continues to uphold its reputation as one of the leading contributors to the property industry in UAE. With reputable names such as Meraas Holdings and Emaar Properties overseeing some big off plan projects in Dubai for the near future, you can find plenty of investment potential and opportunities for possible business ventures here. Villas and townhouses in the Arabian Ranches by Emaar are among the hot properties currently in-demand by domestic and foreign buyers alike.

4) Activities to explore

An abundance of unique tourist attractions within the city landscapes provides plenty of outdoor and fun activities to be experienced! Spending the nights over at Dubai Creek Beach allows you to experience a unique beach outing encompassed by tall and beautiful skyscrapers of the city. Here, you can indulge in peaceful strolls along the shorelines, spend a short cruise around the city as well as eating out at a water restaurant or café. Want to reside deeper within the city centres? Staying over in City Walk, you can participate in its night-life endeavours and social happenings every day!

5) No tax!

This is the best perk that any person can hope to enjoy here in Dubai! UAE has been exercising free tax charges both on its local commodity items as well as properties too! Looking to own any villas and townhouses in the Arabian Ranches mentioned earlier? Feel free to adjust your finances to save up for your spending sprees here in the city!

Dubai is truly a city worth visiting in the UAE. Notwithstanding its perks shared to both the local and foreign community too, its openness in accepting any individual irrespective of race and religion upon its lands holds true to its global reputation of being one of the world’s exclusive cities of dreams.