Today, in this post I am going to share why you should or any person in the world should why he should use a VPN service while surfing online. For those, who don’t know What is VPN it is a Virtual Private network which connects to a Private network virtually, in short, it means your PC is connected to other Server PC on an Encrypted network it is done to protect your data exchange and history of the website you visited over the internet which will be a difficult task for your ISP to trace you where you visited on the internet.

There are many VPN Service available online you can try Zenmate, WindScribe, NordVPN and more because a strong and Reliable VPN will secure you all the time.

Top 5 Reason to use a VPN Service

Bypassing Blocked sites in your Geo Location

VPN service allows you to access some of the blocked websites in your country because VPN uses different Location where the website is accessible to the user to visit.

Using Risky Public Wifi

You might be seeing much free open wifi in Restaurant, cafe, movie theater, airports and more as it free, we  don’t hesitate to connect with it because everyone loves free Internet, but connecting to Public Wifi is not safe for you Attackers might steal your browsing history and login details from your device which is not at all good for you. To avoid such issue we should use a good Strong an reliable VPN Service.

Stop Google from tracking you

You might don’t know but Google keeps a track and record of your every search, download, your internet movements and much more, these details let him know everything about you which is not good for you, later on, Google use this Service for their advertiser for more detail Advertisement targeting.

Secure your VOIP Calls

VOIP Calls also called as Voice over the internet protocol is the latest and cheap way to make calls, but these calls can be hacked by Attackers which are prevailing over the internet has a good knowledge of Internet architecture. In such places, you must use a VPN to secure your Calls get leaked or traced by any attacker, but using VPN might reduce Voice quality or make you speed little slow.

Access Netflix Blocked Content Anywhere

One of the main reason for Privacy over the internet is because they don’t get to watch all the shows and movie over the internet on streaming services like NetFlix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. Due to some of their legal and Copyright issue, they are unable to show all of their content outside the United States, but VPN can solve your Problem has it has the power to change your IP address and location you are able to unlock tons of content in this service.

Final Words

You can try this VPN connection work to make sure that you leverage all the above things while browing over internet.

Hi, This is Itender Rawat and I am Editor-in-Chief of I am 26 year tech lover, bike rider and thinker from Dehradun who writes about Technology, Mobiles, Android, Softwares and Internet


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