If you’re a bit of a geek and love having an awesome computer desktop set-up, then this handy guide is definitely for you. We’re going to share some of our top tips with you so that you can make your set-up one of the best around! It won’t be long before you’re bragging about it in a video on YouTube. Check these out!

Use Widescreen Monitors

Want to instantly increase productivity levels at your desk set-up? Pick up some widescreen monitors. LG offer a few excellent models with a 21:9 aspect ratio, which is ideal for getting stuff done. We recommend getting three monitors and aligning them next to one another. One off to your left, one off to your right, and one central screen. That way, you can have multiple bits of software open. Such as your email client, a video editing piece of software, or even a Twitter window in your browser. You will get way more stuff done with widescreen monitors – especially three of them, trust us! Invest, today.

Reposition Your Router

Next up, to ensure that you get the best internet, it’s time to reposition your router. Normally you’re told by the window, or out the way of any other digital interferences, and this is correct. However, there is a range of devices that we recommend that could change your broadband game forever. You’ll need an ethernet powered router and then simply a power supply for power over ethernet devices, which are readily available online. This means that you are no longer limited to the power sockets in your home. You can place your router simply wherever it will give off the best wireless signal. Awesome – that sounds like faster download speeds to us!


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Get Your Cable Management Game Sorted

Cables look ugly and messy, so ditch them. Here’s a tip. Drill a big bit of plywood to the underside of the top of your desk, but be sure to leave a gap to allow your cables to squeeze between the two surfaces. You can then run all of the cables through your actual desk, discretely, and out of sight. This will give you a much cleaner space to work with, which shouldn’t be spoilt by wired peripherals. Pick up a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to ensure that your entire workspace is beautifully simplistic.

Pimp It Out With LEDs

Now that you’ve got the tech side of the equation sorted, it’s time to increase the aesthetics of your set-up even more. Get yourself some LED strips online and cut them to size so that they run around the rim of your desk. This will look incredible. You’re able to control LED strips either via a remote or through an app on your smartphone or tablet (depending on which ones you purchase). Sadly, this certainly won’t keep your energy bill down, but it will looking totally amazing!

Hopefully, this guide has helped you out with some top tips for improving your set-up. Let us know in the comments below what yours turned out like – we’d love to hear from you!

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