Torrents are the in thing these days. Torrents are the best means for downloading a huge range of services that include software, games, movies, reality shows, and even Ebooks. If you are an Ebook lover, eBook Torrents are the best source for the books you would love to get your hands on. However, there are some sites that may not be providing you genuine links. We have some good sites but may have region specific restrictions.  We have compiled the best eBook torrenting sites for your benefit.

If you want to download the best eBook torrents for your daily consumption, choosing the best Torrenting sites would be the primary task. We have handpicked the top 15 eBook Torrenting sites for your ready reference.

List of Top 15 Best eBook Torrenting Sites 2017

1. FreeBookSpot

Best EBook Torrenting Sites
Best EBook Torrenting Sites

This is, in fact, the website that should cater to the needs of all the bookworms out there.  With over 90 categories to choose from, you should find all your favorite books here. You should be able to choose your books based on author, title or ISBN. This eBook torrent site has been popular for 10 years. It offers you books on topics ranging across topics like scientific, engineering, programming, and fiction.


2. Wikibooks – Wikipedia of ebook Torrenting Sites

ebook torrents

You would find books from virtually any region and in any language. The Ebook torrent site is popular with book lovers and has a collection of books across multiple genres and languages. You can download any of your favorite books in varying qualities.  Like Wikipedia offers you information on any topic around the world, Wikibooks offers you EBooks on any topic of your interest. This is one of the most famous eBook torrenting sites among the ebook readers.


3. eBookie eBook Torrents

EBook torrenting sites

This is another EBook Torrent site that is quite popular with ebook torrents lovers. You can find free eBooks in genres like Operating System, Programming, Hardware, Security, and Engineering. It has additional options like viewing top 10 EBooks, last viewed books and recently added books. You need an account to download. EBookie is one of the most trusted eBook Torrenting sites and you can opt for it for all your needs.


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4. Planet EBook Torrents Site

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The site has over 50000 EBooks and can be treated as the best EBook Torrent site. It lets you browse EBooks from the alphabetical list on Homepage. It has a high-quality classic collection. It has a popular books section to browse the most popular titles. There is a section that lets you browse through the popular EBooks. This gives you an insight into what other people are reading. You can download the books as per your interest for this eBook torrents site.


5. Free EBooks

ebook torrents

This site offers audio books along with free EBooks. It has over 50 categories ranging from Fiction, Non-Fiction, Academic, Textbooks to others. The categories further have sub-categories. The best books section gives access to the popular EBooks globally. You can downloads books in formats like EPub, TXT, PDF or Kindle formats.


6. Bitsnoop – Best source for Ebook Torrent sites

The service has over 2 million books. You have access to practically any book in any category and language. The site provides you the downloads in the ZIP format.  This will, in fact, be helpful if you have low bandwidth as compressed files will be faster to download.  In fact, Bitsnoop is the biggest community for downloading the e-books online.  If you are looking for PDF format EBooks , this is your best option in this list of eBook torrenting sites.


7. Online Programming Books

The portal is focussed on books related to programming and computer sciences. The site has multiple categories of EBook Torrents you can choose from. You should be able to download all the books for free. The site claims that the EBooks here are available legally. If you are a student in computer science and want to learn IT, Computer Science, Web Designing, HTML, CSS, Software Development, App Development, or networking, you can definitely go for the service.


8. EBookShare

The EBook Torrent site offers you unlimited downloads in virtually every category. The collection is quite impressive enough. You can get your favorite titles with ease. This is the best source for the EBooks in education niche. You can get books on Engineering, Science, Technology, and Mathematics.


Some more Best EBook Torrenting Sites

9. Many Books

manybooks torrent sites

The site claims that there are over 30000 EBooks in their collection. The site has books spread across Action & Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Romance, Non-Fiction and Science Fiction. You can also read the books online. It also has a featured and Popular section. The site started operations in 2004 and has a popular user base in Asia.


10. Book-Share

book share torrenting sites

The site has more than 52 categories from which you can select your favorite EBooks. The EBook Torrent site has been active for 4 years. You can search for your books by author, title or ISBN code. The site provides complete information on the title before downloading the ebook.


11.  Bookboon

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This is one of the popular Book Torrent sites that has been active since 1988. The site offers you both paid and free e-books. The site is best suited for those searching for books in technology and business genres. However, if you want to download any EBook, you are expected to share your Emil and answer a questionnaire.


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12. Bookyards

bookyards torrent sites

The EBook Torrent site has over 20000 titles in its database. If you are an author yourself, you can upload your e-book and publish it for the world. You can search for an ebook based on the author’s name. However, there is also a category page. The site has been in the business since 2002 and does not need you to sign up.


13. TechBooksForFree

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Just like one of the sites featured above for EBooks on Programming, this is another from our list of EBook Torrenting sites for technology based books. Most of the books here are related to coding and programming. All the books available here are free to download. The books available here cover varied topics like Linux, Java, Microsoft, C and, C++, Perl/Python, Science, Networking, Database, Security & Assembly.


14. WorldWideTorrents

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This is yet another among the eBook torrenting sites that excel with its unique collection of EBooks. You can find a good deal of EBooks for your needs. In fact, the site is quite popular for its listing of popular cartoons. The site claims that the famous comic uploader Nemesis43 uses the site.



torrenting sites

The torrent site is not limited to EBooks alone, but it does come with a section for EBooks as well. Clicking on the category will give you access to a host of EBooks online. The site has a search box so that it would be easier to look for the book. However, the site has been changing the domain quite often. You do not need to register for the service to download the e-books.


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The Concluding Thoughts on eBook Torrents

That concludes our top picks for the top ebook torrenting sites. The sites indicated here are best suited for all your requirements.  These sites would provide you high-quality free eBook torrents links for you.

Have you used any of these eBook Torrenting sites for your requirements? If you have information on any better eBook Torrents sites, you can share them with us. Your feedback is important for us.


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