Planning to build a website, bought your domain hosted it already then what are you waiting for? go for something spectacular and mind blowing that is completely different or unique what you say in your words or thoughts.

Generally after hosting your domain you are always in a plan to build a great website that on ever imagines in their life for this you need to be a part of a java script the most widely used is WordPress which I prefer a lot and encourage other to use it.

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The question comes at first why I am encouraging? What is the benefit behind it? All the answers are possible in this article as today we are going to discuss some great themes that will make your blog or website look viral. What you say let’s take an eye to it.

Below are some best WordPress Themes for Seo Services :

Genesis by Studio Press

genesis wordpress theme

If you are using wordpress script then you can always avail the feature of this theme named Genesis, it makes your website more optimized and give it a fresh look. This theme is already used by some great peoples like Problogger, Geekbeat and more than 1, 20,000 peoples so you may figure out how great it is. At the time of coding it everything was kept in mind so that it can become seo friendly and moreover helps us to improve search results.  This is availed in the price of just $400 with 60+ inbuilt seo optimized themes in it.



This theme is one of the good Wordpress themes for seo services  at an affordable price which everybody can come up with. This theme is available in my theme shop and the most amazing fact is that its current market rate is just $35 that includes lifetime support and updates including six different layouts are it great think upon then go for it. The last but not the least fact is that it has given a great importance to seo guidelines including views and aspects of major search engines.


inovado business wordpress theme

This theme is also good but a little expensive than the last one I showed above. It gives you a lifetime support including great features, options and updates which is most important in this criteria. The theme is coded carefully keeping in mind of seo guidelines and it is made completely seo friendly with maximum search engine visibility. You can grab this theme with a price of $55 that is worth worthy for such a good theme.


tucson business wordpress theme

This is a common theme and most of you are aware of this one but it is really good though it can’t be described as efficient with the ones showed above. The good theme about it is that it has also good option and designed according to be seo friendly but it lacks in certain consistency that need to be cleared to make it a number one theme.

DIY themes

Di themes for business

These themes are mostly used by the WordPress bloggers and you can’t count the number of pro bloggers who are using it for their websites. These themes are also highly optimized for seo and the most important aspect is that it is easily customizable. Thesis and Genesis is the top two competitors in seo themes and everyday critic criticizes their achievement which is the best part to make it more good and optimized.


To be honest there are many more themes that are great for seo purpose but it is not easy to bring up everything under one platform so one need to click their mind few a times before choosing a theme because it is your decision and you blog at the end of the day so you will know better what to do and what not to? Let me know if you have any views or opinion about it? Lastly don’t forget to tell us that you chose or liked any of the themes shown in the article 🙂

Hi, This is Itender Rawat and I am Editor-in-Chief of I am 26 year tech lover, bike rider and thinker from Dehradun who writes about Technology, Mobiles, Android, Softwares and Internet


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