Sponsored reviews are gaining strength and popularity as more and more bloggers realize that this method is the easiest, most interesting and appropriate way of making an income from a blog. When a sponsored review is written by a blogger, the blogger is paid for this effort. However, it does not mean that the blogger has to say only good things about the product.


How a blogger chooses to review a particular product depends on a lot of factors, including the terms that the blogger agreed to before committing to his/her client to write the sponsored review.

If you are a blogger, the first thing is that you can get in touch with businesses yourself. You don’t always have to wait for businesses to get in touch with you to review their products. You must also remember that the popularity and authority of your blog matters a lot in whether a business will approach you for reviewing its products or not.

While there are literally millions of businesses to choose from on the internet, it is not always such an easy task to find the businesses that are interested in the idea of paying you for sponsored content.

Bloggers should first improve the authority of their blog page. Secondly, they have to have a great readership. The more people visit the blog in a day, the more attractive such a blog will be to advertising companies. Bloggers should also be aware of the fact that they can negotiate nearly everything with their clients before confirming the order.

They can decide how much they will be paid for the review and what the method of commission would be. A blog with higher authority, daily traffic volume, and credibility can always charge handsome amounts for its reviews.

It should also be in the bloggers’ knowledge that the businesses can choose how their stuff is marketed. For example, some companies would let the blogger do constructive criticism while writing the review and others might not. Some companies would ask the blogger to write new content for them, but others would give the blogger a pre-written piece of content and ask them to post it.

A blogger is often given the product to be reviewed in advance to try out and experience the product. Bloggers are also asked to run giveaways for the sponsored products so as to attract more and more customers to the business.

Rather than doing so much on their own, bloggers can now choose websites like Getreviewed.org. These websites make bloggers’ lives easier by allowing them to sign up on the website and write stuff for the businesses on behalf of the website. In this way, the blogger does not have to keep on looking for businesses that are ready for sponsored blogging.

They can just sign up on the website and keep getting jobs for writing. However, in order for a blogger to be included in the Get Reviewed network of blogs, he/she has to work to improve the authority, popularity and search engine page ranking.

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