We are lucky that we now live in a time where we’ve easy access to so much technology. From smatphones and computers, to wearables and tablets, there is never a shortage of ways to access information instantly. For instance, using your phone, you can look up healthy recipes, track your calories and even track your steps. Nowadays, it is almost impossible to come up with excuses for not living a healthy life.

The CDC (also abbreviated as Center for Disease Control and Prevention), estimates that more than 1/3rd of the adults living in the U.S are obese. Being obese increases the risk for developing a number of health conditions like heart disease and diabetes. Fortunately, technologies such as smartphone apps can provide you with useful resources, and assist in holding you accountable. Gone are the days of tracking and counting calories using a paper tracker. If you have got an iPhone or an iPad, it’s easy to keep watch over your weight. You can turn your phone into a dietician or personal trainer without having to cough up big bucks. Mobile apps bring calorie counters, workouts programs, and various other weight loss tools right to your fingertips. These apps can be a great help when it comes to tracking and collecting your health and fitness data. One such app is the Weight Watchers App.

What is Weight Watchers?

Weight Watchers is a popular weight management program, which has an easy to use and follow system of tracking points, rather than counting calories. They have designed an app which allows users take the program on the go. The Weight Watchers app gives you the ability to easily manage your Weight Watchers diet plan including; tracking points and weight, looking up recipes and restaurants, calculating the point values, reading testimonies to stay motivated, and much more.

That said, it’s important to note that the main focus of Weight Watchers is long term weight management with a commitment to proper eating habits, and a healthier lifestyle. There aren’t any forbidden foods on Weight Watchers diet plan, instead, the program assigns every drink and food smartpoints value, based on nutrition; higher amounts of sugar and saturated fats increase the smartpoints value, while higher protein amounts bring the smartpoints value down. Within this point system, users are able to monitor just how much they’ve eaten throughout the day, thus establishing more positive eating habits for long term health. The idea of this diet program is to facilitate weight loss by creating calorie deficit, utilizing the smartpoint system as the framework. So long as you stay within your daily point target, you can actually eat whatever you want.

So, let’s take a close look at the Weight Watchers app for smartphones.

  • Pros
    The app follows Weight Watchers balanced approach to losing weight. Through the app’s  healthy eating plan you can achieve a steady and healthy weight reduction.
  • The App’s built in points calculator actually makes it very easy for users to get their points values on the go.
  • Weight Watchers App has an extensive database of recipes which give users a variety of new food choices with reasonable smartpoints values.
  • Weight Watchers boasts a really dynamic member community which helps users remain accountable.
  • Weight Watchers supports its’ customers with exceptional service.
  • Weight Watchers encourages portion control, and this helps users realize when their particular healthy limit with food has reached.
  • Weight Watchers point system is quite straightforward and very easy to understand.-Weight Watchers App has ability to easily create a shopping list that’s based on the recipes therein.


  • Weekly weigh in is required, and this might not be appealing to everyone; there are some people who may feel intimidated, and discouraged by the weekly weigh ins.
  • At times, the Weight Watchers App can be slow to load, and may even crash.
    You have to be a Weight Watchers member in order for you to use many of the tools and sections in the App.


Weight Watchers, offered now at $45 off, is among the best diet plans in the market because it encourages users to make a lifestyle change rather than just counting the calories. Weight Watchers App makes it even much easier to track your diet plan, and make better decisions about your food choices, even when on the go. If you are busy and trying to decide which diet plan will best suit you, but know you do not want to only count calories, then Weight Watchers is probably the right option for you.

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