Text – one of the most important factors in ranking sites, especially the young. In drawing up the text content must clearly understand what to write and how to generate sales.

Optimize Content

The article is useful SEO-experts in the work of internal optimization and content. It reveals the five aspects that need to be carefully checked before publication. Following our recommendations, the optimizer will make the site a winner in the race with competitors, and sales go through the roof.

  1. Replace the “I” to “you”

Read the text of any page and think who it is more interesting: you or visitors. Forget about the pronoun “I”, “my”, “me” and the like. Think of the potential customers who are eyeing, selects and examines goods. Write to the customer, not the product, service or company. Write about the benefits derived precisely the reader (since he will not necessarily be the end user of the goods or services) and use calls to action. Appeal to the buyer, his interests and desires will help build rapport and gain the trust, which ultimately will increase the conversion.

  1. Write separately for buyers and users

The authors of advertising texts sometimes forget that the buyer does not always get the goods for you. For example, the product to children by their parents; although the use of a thing is a child. The boy wants to get the loudest drums in the world to look like a rock star. Parents, of course, do not need the headache; the child will develop the tool. Advertising copy must be sent to the buyer. Use the text of juicy phrases to win the confidence of the buyer, and add a description of the benefits to the end user that the buyer was interested to shell out money for the goods.

Let’s say it is a drum set. Describe what your child will learn to play a musical instrument. Attach photos that will please the customer and present in a favorable light the end user. Formulate an offer so attractive that the child persuaded parents to buy more and soundproof device, and the parents do not feel under pressure and this would have been ready to do this acquisition.

  1. Dilute key phrase modifiers

Modifiers – A secondary word that expand the keyword or key phrase short, helping customers find the site in search of low-frequency queries. Define modifiers for your site, and if possible make internal linking and optimize pages for these low-frequency queries, if you want to attract traffic to them. Try to combine modifiers in various combinations to expand the list of key phrases and bring low-frequency traffic. See below for an example.

Key phrase: everything for holiday

  • goods for a holiday
  • buy goods for a holiday
  • buy goods for a holiday online
  • buy goods for a holiday birthday child online
  • to buy goods for the holiday decorations birthday child online

The last two sentences rather cumbersome, but they contain a combination of key words and phrases that will lead to the site of potential customers . If there are no texts site modifiers, and advanced key phrases, the search engine will not rank sites on these requests, respectively, decrease traffic and sales. It is necessary to detail the simple phrases like “products for the holiday,” appropriate use of repetition and word forms

  1. The number and density of keywords

If your competitors, anticipating your resource in search, have less than 350 words on a page, the code dirty and problems with the semantic kernel, you have every chance to beat them in the search results. If these and other shortcomings of optimization is found, carefully read the text content and nausea keywords , find the common features of the site leaders to identify the internal factors that raise these platforms in the ranking SS (check and backlinks). Make as competitors or better. Use modifiers and make sure that every page had more than 300-450 words of unique text. Place only quality content without repetition and obsession with keywords. Provide the most positive user experience.

  1. Specify additional options (shipping and so. N.)

Online shops abound picture with an inscription on”free” shipping for so many dollars, safeguards refund, and other attractive terms calling to order. Some sites use SSL certificates, are placed on the page icons of social networks or links to advertising reviews. But many online retailers forget to include the same information in text content.

After some effort on your part visitor already inclined to buy, so why not specify in the text about the benefits of your store. In the text, but not in the picture! A reminder of the free and timely delivery or quality assurance reinforces consumer confidence and promotes his sales funnel. This advice is very useful for pages that describe the category, or a separate product.

Work on the text content will necessarily lead to an increase in traffic and sales. And no matter what caused this job: hit by sanctions Google release algorithm “Panda”, forcing conduct internal optimization and update the content, or the need to change the structure of the site in connection with the expansion of the range. Use modifiers, but not too far in frequency. Remind visitors about the benefits of working with you. Describe the strengths of the goods, which are important for the purchaser and end user. Applying these simple tips, you will attract more traffic and convert visitors into satisfied customers.

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