Let’s face it, the developers of mobile applications has long got wind of how much money you can earn a really good app.

monetize mobile apps

However, the problem is not a lack of good ideas. The problem is that developers do not know how to optimize their offspring, not enough simply to develop an application, it is necessary to leave an adequate income for future purpose. I want to dedicate an article to explore just this issue. I hope this article will be suitable not only for developers of mobile applications that are not happy with how much they earn.

Pay download:

Works by user pays the entire cost in advance. This approach works well with games, entertainment applications, to improve productivity, navigation and news. However, the more users will need to pay at the outset, the less they will arrange advertising or need additional buy more specific functions. You can try to offer both a free and a paid version of the app, which will provide additional content and will be minimized or even eliminated advertising.

Advertisement within the application:

Advertisement is one of the most popular methods among mobile application developers. Indoor advertising works by displaying advertising on the pre-allocated space in the interface, which gives earnings per for a certain number of views and / or transitions. This method really works effectively in games, news apps, messengers and entertainment. However, a small negative here is that you should try to create such an application, which must be used often and consistently.

Built-in purchase or subscription:

Purchases within applications work by allowing the user to buy extra features or bonuses. This strategy also works well in games, to keep track of news and lifestyle applications. However, this type requires a really loyal followers of your product, who would want to give money for additional features.


Sponsorship can effectively work for individual developers or companies. The essence of sponsorship meant by a release of the application on behalf of another publisher in exchange for popularity and recognition. Furthermore, it may be a known company logotype. This works fine for applications tied to a specific geographical location or event. However, a disadvantage here is that this is a one-time source of income. Typically, such a strategy does not allow monetization long or increasing income. However, for the first application, this may be the only chance.


Advertisements displayed as warning devices in the system tray of the user. CTR and conversion rates are very high, since there can be no accidental clicks that often occurs when using internal advertising. Advertisers pay for clicks. Unlike traditional mobile ads, such is not placed within the application. Each listing is also referred to tag and link to reject the proposal. However, in iOS can be a good “fly” with this type of notification.


Like the pre-installed applications that come with the new Smartphone, a sponsor shortcut (icons) that are placed on the screen “Home” together with the application is installed. Advertisers pay for each installed on the icon.

Pop-up ads:

When using this method, the advertisements displayed in a dialog box within the application, presenting the user a small call to action and the OK and Cancel buttons. For example, it can ask the user to “Download new free 3D-game”, and then will be submitted to the appropriate buttons. Here advertisers pay for CPC-based.

There are many advertising networks, so you will need to decide which one suits you the most and which one is tied to your geographic location and segment.  For more information you need to consult with representatives of the network. Mobile advertising network, typically provide separate SDK, which consists of the code responsible for interaction update announcements, appearance and so on.

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