University of California Los Angeles or commonly Known as UCLA’s Researchers have germinated and developed a new technology that consumes Solar energy as its main power source. They have developed a thin double-layered transparent solar-film, which can be placed on any number of glasses to reap energy out of solar rays falling on it. The phenomenon is based on solar energy panels working (which are commonly located in many countries to harvest solar energy from the sun).

Smartphone into Solar Energy Panel

The device mainly comprises of two layers of solar cells attached to them. In earlier stages of this research, only one solar cell was employed which was capable of capturing only 40% of sunlight that passes through it. But finally, researchers have come up with a double layered solar cell made of infrared sensitive polymers. They have considerably increased the capability to 80%.

Convert Your Smartphone into Solar Panel

These glass solar cells can be used on any of those glasses that come under contact with sunlight. Whether they are window panes, your car windshield or even your Smartphone’s display.

UCLA researchers are ready with their working prototype. Though many other world renowned colleges like MIT have also started to test their hands on this research, there is still no word for when this highly usable technology can be employed in common house-hold products.

There are some other news regarding same concept comes from another part of the globe. China’s well renowned and world’s seventh largest mobile manufacturer company, TCL communications have dealt with an unknown startup SunPartner with the signing amount of $ 2.78 Million, to test the same technology.

The main idea of this technology is to provide users experience and utility of “never-dead-phones”. The technology, named as WYSIPS or known as “What you see is Photo voltaic surface”. The ideology is to generate and reserve a small amount of charge, used in emergency when your phone runs out of charge and there are no charging options nearby.

As stated by the Sunpartner Company, WYSIPS is a sandwich made up of photovoltaic strips and lens faces. This sandwich would be employed between the touch screen and the display of the Smartphones.

As far as usability is concerned, this technology would get highly benefited by those users who like in India or Africa, where it can add upto 20% of whole charging. But it’s usage in developed countries would mostly be restricted for emergency calls only as people there more prefer to stay indoors.

Whatever the case will be, the technology is highly usable and hopefully will feature in one or two Smartphones next year. However, the Sunpartner Company is planning to showcase the same technology in Automobile industry. Hope you liked this post How you can Convert Your Smartphone into Solar Panel

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