How to Turn off email Notifications on Android

Emails are the necessary evils, and with the advent of smartphones – they have now begun invading your personal space as well. Maybe you are having a romantic dinner with your soulmate – and you notice that your smartphone is pulsing indicating that you have a notification. You will unlock the device and have a peek, and see that it is just an email from some online retailer about a promo sale! You wonder whether it is possible to turn off email notifications on your Android.
Well,there are a couple of ways to turn off email notifications. Let us check them out in the following paragraphs.

How to Turn off email Notifications on your Android

Android offers you a few tools to let you turn off mobile email notifications. You can choose to receive notifications from select senders rather getting annoyed by random calls and emails.

Turn off Gmail notification preferences

The Gmail app on Android comes with settings for automatic email alerts. If you feel the automatic alert settings are much disturbing, you can change them to suit your preferences. Follow the steps here below

  • Launch your Gmail app. Go to settings menu by tapping on the hamburger menu. Scroll down to Settings and tap on it.
  • Choose your Email account.
Turn off email Notifications
Turn off email Notifications
  • Tap on Inbox sound & vibrate to customise the alert preferences.
  • Uncheck the Notifications options.

This will remove all your notifications. You will not be notified of any new Emails. Please note that the exact menu structure may differ based on the Gmail version on your phone.

Use Gmail Priority Inbox to turn off email notifications on your Android

Gmail app on your Android has a secret feature that will let you choose only the select emails to disturb you. Rest of them will take a backseat.
Gmail learns from the way you handle your emails. It puts the emails you normally answer and puts them in the Important and Unread folders. Other emails are sent to a folder named Everything Else. For this to work, you need to set up the Priority Inbox feature on your Gmail app.
Follow the steps here below –

  • Launch Gmail
  • Tap on Menu, and then Settings
  • Tap on the Gmail account you woukld wish to change settings for.
  • Tap on Inbox Type and choose Priority Inbox
How to Turn off email Notifications
How to Turn off email Notifications
  • Scroll down to Manage Labels and tap on it. Make sure only the Priority Inbox has the notifications turned on.

That will do it. You will now receive alerts only for those emails which you would indeed be interested. All other emails will not bother you anymore. However, please note that the feature works only with your Gmail accounts. Other email accounts cannot use the priority inbox feature.

Turn off notifications completely

You may want to turn off notifications completely for your email app. You can do it by following the method below.

  • Go to Settings and then Sound and notifications.
  • Now tap on App Notifications, choose the app, in our case we will choose Gmail app. Now enable Block Settings

Please note the settings may differ based on OS version on your device. Android nougat users will need to go into Settings ->Notifications. Now choose the app and change the settings as per your need.


Those were a couple of options to stop inappropriate email messages troubling you when least wanted. We hope you will try these steps to turn off email notifications on your Android device and stop your smartphone from annoying you with unneeded messages.