How To Transfer Files Between Android And Mac Computer

Transferring the files from one android to another android is quite easy and simple. But you can’t just directly transfer files from an Android to a Mac. Many times you might have stuck in a situation where you need to transfer files from your Android device to a Mac or vice versa. Earlier, People use to transfer files via the Bluetooth option. Most probably, you will have to wait like for hours to transfer a single.
Today in this article, I’ll show you how you can Transfer Files Between Android And Mac without using the Bluetooth. You just have to install a third party app (it’s completely safe and secure) which will help you in connecting your Android to Mac. Here the exact steps which you need to follow.

How To Transfer Files Between Android And Mac

Android File Transfer is an excellent file transferring app for Mac created by android’s team. The app is completely free; it simplifies the efforts of using complicated methods to make file transfers from an Android to a Mac.

Transfer Files Between Android
Transfer Files Between Android

  1. Download Android File Transfer app (it will take only a few seconds as the size of the app is just 3 MB)
  2. Now locate the androidfiletransfer.dmg file and open it on your Mac.
  3. Once you’re done with the installation, connect the USB cable which you’ve got with your Android device to your Mac.
  4. Your Android device should give a notification of the successful connection. Now all you need to do is just browse any files which you want to transfer.
  5. After selecting the files, just go to the options and hit transfer.
  6. All your selected files will be transferred to your Mac within a few minutes (depending upon the sizes of the files.)

That’s all; you can send unlimited files from an android to mac without any limitations or restrictions. I feel this is the easiest and simplest way to Transfer files between android and mac. In case, if you don’t like this method, then here is an alternate method.

Transfer Files Between Android And Mac Over The Network

DroidNas is a popular app which helps the user to transfer files between android and mac over the wifi network. It’s quite simple but would take a few minutes to set it up.
Just download the DroidNas app from google play store on your android device and install it. DroidNas will make your Android device visible on the finder in Mac. All you have to do is just enter your Ip address(it will be shown in the app) to connect with your Android.
Setup is a bit time consuming but you will get hang to it once it’s setup is done. You can transfer GBs of files from your Android to Mac using DroidNas method.


Both the methods are completely safe, don’t worry about privacy. The apps completely free for personal use, however, you may need to pay if you want to unlock premium features. The free versions are okay if you just want Transfer files between android and Mac. Don’t forget to let us known which method you like, also share this article with your friends.